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Wicklow vs Meath 2015

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Huge credit to the team and management yesterday for such a gutsy performance - I was proud of the way they fought and the never say die spirit that they showed, in the end, the team just came up short. Obviously, we need to try and build on this performance against Armagh (who didn't look good yesterday but we were up against one of the best teams in Ireland in Donegal). On the downside, a team won't win too many games at this level if you have no free taker to punish indiscipline on the other team and obviously, you need to have discipline yourself, I felt that these two aspects of our game let us down yesterday and cost us dear but again, I wasn't positive before the game but I was proud of the performance after it. I would like to wish Meath the best in the rest of the Leinster championship. One final note, is McGraynor only an impact sub?, this the 3rd Wicklow manager (including Micko) who have deployed him in this way in the championship and he does make more of an impact when he is introduced than when he starts which I find strange.

wicklowsupport (Wicklow) - Posts: 1337 - 15/06/2015 08:29:11    1736991


First of all the team made me eat my words. Well done to them.

Meath vs Westmeath ? It will be like two bald men fighting over a comb, quality wise.

As for Armagh, that was some stuffing they got yesterday. What their heads would be like after that god knows.We would need to score a few goals and see what happens.


sponger (Wicklow) - Posts: 2730 - 15/06/2015 09:36:16    1737023


Maybe after yesterday, people will stop being so negative on this forum and actually support their County. You would be surprised how many of the players read these notes and to be honest the comments over the last few weeks were appalling. Can anyone over on the East Coast tell me does Tommy Kelly not take the frees for St Pat's ? SUre we have someone in the County that can do the Job ?

Whocares (Wicklow) - Posts: 229 - 15/06/2015 09:51:10    1737044


Maybe now we can finally move on and stop suggesting that Wicklow are going backwards since we have lost the like of Glynn, Furlong, Hannon etc.. This new team are well capable of moving in the right direction and proved that yesterday. We didn't win but the whole country wrote us off before the starting whistle was blown. We can only improve. The bookies had us at 1/33 against Meath and I see now they have us at 1/50 against Armagh? Unbelievable!!!!!!
Was heartbroken leaving Navan yesterday but not disappointed and I'm looking forward to the next day out. Think we owe Armagh a bit of a scalp anyway :)

SidelineSupreme (Wicklow) - Posts: 162 - 15/06/2015 10:02:09    1737057


Fair play to ye, from listening to it on the radio, Wicklow certainly could have nicked it. Having watched the Armagh game, they seem like a team devoid of any ideas, Wicklow have ot be a good bet to take that one

Dropkickmurphy (Carlow) - Posts: 85 - 15/06/2015 10:20:31    1737068


SidelineSupreme let them write us off it suits the players I think. I think John just had a bad day with the frees he is better at them than that, Mcgraynor to take them off the ground could be an option either, frees really did decide the game I think they had like 1-8 from the dead ball, though we moved the ball through the hands really well, the midfield was decent, I'm not sure about Cunningham at fullback though.

Overall it was an enjoyable day in Navan and thank god none of what happened with the hurlers was brought into this match.

Looking forward to Armagh, a county I've never been to so bring it on, they'll be in the doldrums after that hammering and performance and Inthink Mcgeeny will be very wary of us, remember his first Leinster Championship with Kildare?

Victorious87 (Wicklow) - Posts: 480 - 15/06/2015 11:11:18    1737135


Wicklow will have to bring what they brought to Navan yesterday to Armagh,just need to keep their discipline too.

ziggy32001 (Meath) - Posts: 8354 - 15/06/2015 11:17:39    1737140


Was in Navan and it was a very good performance by Wicklow, but Meath were the better side overall. 19 points in a football match is a big score, plus they had a huge amount of wides. Having said that, Wicklow had 2 or 3 more goal chances that they should really have taken.

Wicklow's biggest problem, in my opinion, was the lack of a kick-out strategy. Far too many were kicked high to the middle of the field and a taller Meath midfield just cleaned up far too many, and their half backs were on hand to pick up far too many breaks also. Wicklow need to work on that.

Wicklow's running game worked quite well at times. Woods' pass that lead to the first penalty was brilliant, he got taken off immediately after. Thought he did well, but wasn't able to compete for the kick outs.

ogra (Wicklow) - Posts: 142 - 15/06/2015 11:38:56    1737165


I would have started Mcgraynor in the first place but I think he should have been brought on even before the black card in and around the middle to win ball.

Victorious87 (Wicklow) - Posts: 480 - 15/06/2015 11:47:50    1737176


Mcrea is known for getting goals. I'd have brought him on earlier for McGrath

kodak13 (Wicklow) - Posts: 55 - 15/06/2015 12:53:35    1737267


I went to Navan yesterday and I was proud of the team, they played very well in parts, but fell short as usual. I won't be negative though, as I was happy with the performance of most players. Hayden was brilliant along with Kelly, and so was McGraynor when he came on. I don't want to name names but there were a couple of players out there who shouldn't have been. Simply put, they're not good enough. I'd have O'Brien in the team the next day, but I won't fault any Wicklow man yesterday, they showed heart and determination. If they play like that against Armagh I believe we have a good chance of coming out the right side, if things go our way. I had mixed emotions leaving yesterday but certainly, I was happy with how we competed so well. Hopefully the team can push on and if the right decisions are made, it could still be a great year for the Garden.

WWAlbatraoz (Wicklow) - Posts: 1 - 15/06/2015 15:11:11    1737413


Well done to the lads and Magee yesterday, by all accounts a very encouraging performance...Huge commitment all year put in by all the lads, hopefully Johnny will have done his homework for the Armagh game, we owe them a good hiding. Again well done to all involved.

minor93 (Wicklow) - Posts: 61 - 15/06/2015 15:55:23    1737448


hello all. can nt understand the numerous comments saying if we had of scored the frees we would have won the game,the game was definitely there to be won but for many reasons we did nt. mcgrath kicked five frees and missed two (might be corrected on that)he ll be very disappointed with the first one off the ground as he will be with the big one which could have put us within one, but of all the frees he took that was the furthest out and not as straightforward as reported today.he had a quite game for his standards, but he ll bounce back and won nt be as quite again.also on that note i would like to see him speed up his free taking routine by 10 seconds and not think about it so much. next up was really frustrated watching meath men fielding ball in the middle of the field with no one competing from kickouts and when they did every breaking ball falling into the lap of a meath player running into it unopposed. Is this not basic stuff if two men are jumping for a ball and neither catch it, 9 times out of ten it falls within a 3 or 4 metre radius of the jumpers. did nt remember too many occasions when a wicklow player anticipated this and came in and won it.(unless it was tactical)the only player i recall doing so was paddy dalton when he came in. now probably the most annoying aspect of the game.mcgraynor! he done brilliantly when he came on.every high ball that was sent into the danger area was causing the meath backs serious problems and if he was nt winning it, it was breaking to wicklow players running in but they only done this for a short period it may have been predictable but so what it was working.plus if meath won possession they still had to work it out from the back.instead time and time again in the last 10 15 minutes they ran into tackles and lost the ball from misplaced handpasses around the middle and half forward line ,(when they could have been kicking it into mcgraynor) ,and then meath attacking in waves and punishing. lastly well done to all the panel involved. its a thankless job playing football for wicklow sometimes but the game itself is a big positive.i m sure the team is hurting because they know they probably should have. won the match but if they believe and improve that little bit more each time we ll see plenty more tight games with the likes of meath,laois,kildare .tight games we ll be winning if they keep working and learning and most of all believing that as a team united they can put it up to most counties in ireland.i don t want to mention refs because i will be biased but i think we were unlucky with many of his decisions best of luck against armagh was nt that long ago we nearly beat them in their own field ,that was one thing o dwyer brought with him to wicklow in spades belief. when a kerry man steps onto a football field he always believes hes going to win .time for wicklow footballers to do the same

thebeliever (Wicklow) - Posts: 1 - 15/06/2015 19:42:32    1737629


Well done Wicklow on a very good performance on Sunday - we were probably always chasing the game in truth but the effort, commitment, attitude and application of all the players was first class and evidently a team playing for their manager, which is important. Meath away is never an easy assignment for any team and hopefully the players carry the momentum from the performance into the Armagh fixture.
The whole Division 1 v Division 3 / 4 this weekend and the gap that exists has been rolled off by managers as an excuse for defeats (McGeeney, Collins of Clare), but I didn't see Magee make reference to it so fair play to him - we went with an organised plan and a belief that a win was possible and that, coupled with incredible workrate is a formula most teams can succeed with regardless of what Division they are in.

WW (Wicklow) - Posts: 85 - 16/06/2015 08:38:13    1737739


One thing I am laughing about is this story that is being wheeled out about 5 new starters on the Meath team, but no mention of Glynn or Furlong or the rest not playing.

sponger (Wicklow) - Posts: 2730 - 16/06/2015 09:41:05    1737761


WW, I agree with you, an organised plan, belief that you can win, coupled with incredible workrate is a formula for success regardless of what Division you are in but the higher up in the Division a team plays, the better they are at converting their chances but that should take nothing away from the effort and the performance that these players gave for Wicklow on Sunday. Sponger, I raised that exact point on this forum and on the main part of the Hogan stand, if Wicklow had gone to Navan and played with a naïve game plan as categorized by the 'so called' media analysis, they would have been hammered in the media and that a 2nd tier competition should be put in place to help weaker counties, now that we put it up to Meath, the media are looking for excuses as to why Meath didn't win by more .. typically weak analysis year after year by so called experts - Wicklow were missing players in much the same way that Meath were missing players, the difference is that the Meath players will be back, most of our are retired.

wicklowsupport (Wicklow) - Posts: 1337 - 16/06/2015 12:01:29    1737895


You hit the nail on the head.

sponger (Wicklow) - Posts: 2730 - 16/06/2015 12:58:37    1737946


Just delighted with the effort and application from the whole panel and kudos to the coaching staff. For the first time in ages we had a recognisable plan and made use of our scarce resources. We were far from perfect and need to work on the percentage of ball we win off kick outs and also our discipline. Someone mentioned Tommy Kelly as a free taker but that's not something he excels at at club level and I fear too much pressure on him might effect his overall game(thought he had a v good game). Following up a decent performance has been a big problem in the last few years so the trip to Armagh is huge for us. At this stage of our development it's all about the display on the day and not solely the result. The players should believe they can win the qualifier but another solid display is not a disaster. I was fearful before the Meath match but did genuinely express the hope we would put all the negatives aside for one big bash at it. Can't fault the panel and they should take great heart from the game. One things for sure there are young lads on that panel with a bright future if we can give the management a bit of time and all the support we can afford.

townieee (Wicklow) - Posts: 261 - 16/06/2015 14:29:02    1738033