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Uisneach I taught you were mad saying Malachys as a dark horse in fact I taught you were bonkers but after watching them last night I actually think your a genius. I watched every game in the park this weekend and only senior game I did not catch was athlone Garrycastle so I can't comment on them but for all other teams StMalachys played by far the best football of the weekend they won by the biggest margin and they scored the most all weekend but more important was there style of play is fantastic they move the ball quick and there's fitness was outstanding on a very hot night. To say I was impressed is a understatemeant and been honest I went to watch bun win but I came away been a big Malachys fan. I knew your man managing them has a great track record winning last years intermediate and winning a all Ireland with Westmeath women but I genuinely said they will struggle at senior after all let's face it there a bunch of hurlers playing football but whatever style they have I wish our senior county footballers would play it as its very entertaining. Ok rant over I still think the senior championship is between Garrycastle and Lomans with shamrocks there or there abouts and as for Malachys they play a great style but they won't be able to keep the same players playing senior hurling and football just not possible unfortunately. Unisneach your not as mad as I taught and you must have had some inside information.

Djkray (Dublin) - Posts: 152 - 18/06/2014 11:03:28    1605421


No inside info but i am more a hurling person. castletown/ st.malachys have a young
team and yer man peter leahy is doin the physical with both with him
on the sideline for the football and pat o brien with the hurlersits a combination
that worked last year. Leahy is physical trainer with county senior hurlers
and as you stated he guided the ladie footballers to allireland glory
he would be a very good man to take over the county minor footballers for next year
i have seen malachys playing league games and last weeks game and they
will push for senior honours in the not to distant future. You are right there style
of play is something other senior teams in the county are craving for but it is being perfected by there
trainer and a joy to watch. Another team that is up and coming are c/kinnegad both
themselves and malachys are getting huge numbers at training and i am
told they are both able to play full 15 a side games in training with subs
also there is alot of u-16 and minor coming through . As for me being a genius
my school exams would prove different.

uisneach (Westmeath) - Posts: 156 - 19/06/2014 11:57:56    1605947


Right lads, who do think will come out successful in the 2nd round of matches? These are my predictions:
Section A;
M'gar Shamrocks v Maryland - Without Callum Maryland are a poor team, everything goes through him, shamrocks by at least 8.
Lomans v Castledaly - Castledaly had a v.poor result in the first game, expect Lomans to win by at least 5
The Downs v Killucan - The Down will have just enough to see of Killucan by a couple of points

Section B;
Garrycastle v Malachys - going for a shock here, v.impressed with Mals in the 1st round, and Gcastle losing Doran and Paddy are HUGE losses
Tyrellspass v Bunbrosna - Bunbrosna will get a bit of a backlash hear i feel, T'pass by at least 8 as well
Athlone v Kinnegad - I reckon Kinnegad will push on from their previous win to beat a stubborn but ultimately poor Athlone team


COUNTYCHAMPS_XI (Westmeath) - Posts: 27 - 17/07/2014 15:21:01    1620674


Shamrocks, Lomans, Tyrrellspass and Kinnegad are sound bets to win I think. The other two games will be tighter I think, but Garrycastle and The Downs should have enough.

Andy_Capp (Westmeath) - Posts: 268 - 17/07/2014 15:42:07    1620688


Shamrocks V Maryland: Shamrocks only in 3rd gear in 1st round, should win this by 8 or 9 with McCormack missing for Maryland
Lomans V Castledaly: Lomans struggled in 1st round & Castledaly also were bad but Lomans by 7 or 8 in this one
The Downs V Killucan: Killucan impressed in 1st round, The Downs without a lot of last years players, Killucan by 2 or 3
Tyrellspass V Bunbrosna: Tyrellspass to bounce back but not without a fight from Bun, Tyrellspass by 3 or 4
Kinnegad V Athlone: Great win for Kinnegad in 1st round, expect them to push on & win this by 5 or 6
Malachys V Garrycastle: Hurling may take its toll on Malachys & I expect Garrycastles experience to get them over the line by 2 or 3

Left Full (Westmeath) - Posts: 181 - 17/07/2014 17:10:38    1620741


Nothing much to add to the lads above:

Section A;
M'gar Shamrocks v Maryland - shamrocks win well
Lomans v Castledaly - Cdaly poor the first day, I expected more from them, Lomans to won well
The Downs v Killucan - Bit of bite in a local derby, form will stand for feck all, going to go for a draw here

Section B;
Garrycastle v Malachys - v.impressed with Mals in the 1st round but hurling might be their no.1, GC to win but not easily
Tyrellspass v Bunbrosna - Both will feel they should have won the first rounds respectively. Bun beat them in the league (but so did most teams), hard to call, I am a sucker for the underdog, Bun by 1
Athlone v Kinnegad - Could be the game of the weekend, Athlone are young and active but I like Kgad style of play, Giles will be a big loss (did I hear his cruciate is gone?) Athlone to just shade it.


EndaMN (Westmeath) - Posts: 187 - 18/07/2014 09:11:50    1620911


M'gar Shamrocks v Maryland - handy for shamrocks
Lomans v Castledaly - Cdaly are terrible this year,could be relegated,easy win for lomans
The Downs v Killucan - tight game,but I would give it to Killucan

Section B;
Garrycastle v Malachys - draw
Tyrellspass v Bunbrosna - tyrellspass by 10pts
Athlone v Kinnegad - athlone will win this

footiemad (Westmeath) - Posts: 733 - 18/07/2014 13:36:27    1621124


Handy wins for Shamrocks and Lomans in group A. The Downs to win a tight game.

T'pass and Kinnegad should win in group B. Garrycastle and Malachys could be game of the round,could end in a draw i reckon.

martyW (Westmeath) - Posts: 252 - 19/07/2014 09:16:03    1621403


Mals/Bgore had a massive win against garrycastle at the weekend.

snipp (Westmeath) - Posts: 12 - 21/07/2014 10:05:59    1622536


Yea was at the game and it was a cracking game. Malachys played super football they have pace and power and fitness that I haven't seen in any other team so far. It's hard to see how they will keep it up with so much hurling as well. Didn't think they would beat Garycastle before the weekend but after watching the game they were good value for there 3 point victory in fact probably should have won by more. In the other game Kinnegad won by one but once again made themselves hard to beat. Totally contrasting game Kinnegad play very defensive so it worked low scoring where as garycastle and Malachys play exciting attacking football thus the big scoring. Group B now is wide open will Kinnegad and Malachys push on and knock one of the big 2 Garrycastle or tyrellspass out of this years championship that's the question.

Djkray (Dublin) - Posts: 152 - 21/07/2014 10:50:04    1622605


Gruop a is boring group b very interesting

footiemad (Westmeath) - Posts: 733 - 21/07/2014 13:20:28    1622879


Group A is boring from a qualification point of view alright, but a bit more interesting at the other end. Lomans and Shamrocks will cruise through, as they have done in their first two games without playing particularly well. They play each other this weekend, but the result will matter little if they meet each other later on in the knock out stages. Maryland should grab the last spot, but without Callum they look light on scores. Group B is very interesting. The losers of Garrycastle v Tpass will be in big bother. Especially if Mals and Kinnegad both move on to 6 points. Bun look in trouble but their record against Athlone is good so they'll fancy their chances of winning that one when it comes around.

Intermediate is more competitive for qualification spots with only Mary's, Shamrocks and Ballinagore really out of the running. Think a Shamrocks v Ballinagore relegation playoff is nailed on.

jamsie (Westmeath) - Posts: 266 - 21/07/2014 14:03:12    1622934


County: Westmeath
Posts: 48

Tpass letting to many goals in same in the league need county goalkeeper
back in or they wont qualify. Lomans or garrycastle for me and malachys
be a dark horse .

Great shout

square_ball_69 (Westmeath) - Posts: 826 - 21/07/2014 16:03:58    1623113


Lomans to win it out

sharpshooter23 (Westmeath) - Posts: 187 - 21/07/2014 16:10:19    1623122


No disrespect to Malachys but people saying they will be dark horses is a joke it was a good win for them and every team will have good days like that but you have to remember it was against a weak garycastle side without Doran harte dessie Dolan obv paddu mull is gone too and is seanie o d still playing it's not the great garycastle team we once knew .Kgead seem to be going very well I can see them making semis maybe even get top spot in group there also doing it without leech and Giles which is very impressive no disrespect again here but lomans won't be bet in westmeath this year in championship the only 2 teams I could see upsetting them in kgead or shams still would be a major upset

iarmhi919 (Westmeath) - Posts: 216 - 22/07/2014 11:19:37    1623754


no disrespect to garrycastle, but st malacys were missing 2 of their most exciting young footballers niall o brien and liam varley both gone to america. both started all intermediate matches last year and starred in 1st round against bun .all except 3 of team play hurlin with ctg and have been playing every weekend so i doubt gcastle can use excuse of missing 3 thirty + players 1 who left club!!!

blackanamber11 (Westmeath) - Posts: 9 - 22/07/2014 14:14:13    1623995


Ok round 3 this is we're it starts to get interesting hopefully.
Lomans v shamrocks. Think a easy win for Lomans
Downs v Maryland. Think nobody to mark Martin but a draw here
CDaly v Killucan. Without smith up front Killucan won't win so CDaly in a low scoring game

Tyrellspass v GCastle. Easy win for Tyrellspass I think if Malachys can beat them tyrellspass will destroy them
Kinnegad v bun. Should be a very easy win for Kinnegad but I think this might land up tighter than you think.
Athlone v Malachys. Think this will tell if Malachys are good or just had a good result last week. I still go for Malachys by 1.

Paulknows (Westmeath) - Posts: 114 - 23/07/2014 11:10:36    1624666


Can take a wild guess where your from anyway yee had a good win I'm not saying yee didn't and I'm not starting an arguement but it's time to get over it and get off your high horse.That is a ridiculous statement age has nothing got to do with it harte and paddy mull have been 2 of the best club players in the county the last 5/6 years and obviously dessie needs no introduction yee got wins against a poor gcastle side and bunbrosna yee are not world beaters now do you know what I'm sorry malachys will win the county championship I'm sure lomans are pinching themselves now.I'm far from a gcastle man btw.
Lomans will beat Shamrocks
Maryland will beat downs
Cdaly will beat kilucan
T pass will beat Gcastle
Kgead will beat bun easy
Malachys Athlone i can't call

Lomans to top group Shamrocks second and can see a playoff for 3rd place between Maryland and maybe cdaly im not ruling them out to qualify yet there known to slug results when they have too

In the other group kgead will top tpass will second and last place will go to st malachys/gcastle if it goes to a playoff which I think it will gcastles experience and the dessie factor will pull them trew along with malachys juggling the hurling too will be hard on them regardless they can be proud of there year back in senior accounting themselves well! I can see this group going to the wire and kgead should have semi spot secured before last game so can see gcastle edging a win against them in last group game .I would love to see kgead lomans final

iarmhi919 (Westmeath) - Posts: 216 - 23/07/2014 12:53:02    1624743


iarmhi 919 lomans will make the semi final but after that we will see . i have been extremly impressed with st malachys
and i dont see them been beaten in the group even if in that group my beloved tyrrellspass are . the pass will be very lucky to get out of the group . i believe dennis glennon could be out long term with his groin injury . it will be lomans v shamrocks final

mickcunningham (Westmeath) - Posts: 1234 - 23/07/2014 15:04:38    1624829


Mick, is that a long term injury with Denis or was it hurt at the weekend v Bunbrosna? Either way, best of luck to him.

Lomans v shamrocks. Lomans
Downs v Maryland. Downs
CDaly v Killucan. Cdaly

Tyrellspass v GCastle. Tpass
Kinnegad v bun. Kgad
Athlone v Malachys. Malachys

EndaMN (Westmeath) - Posts: 187 - 23/07/2014 15:31:24    1624837