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Clare V Galway SH Challenge Sunday May 22nd

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Did anyone hear any result/teams etc from that match? Just to see how the team shaping up.

claremaninkerry (Clare) - Posts: 92 - 22/05/2011 21:59:04    937297


Clare 2-25 Galway 3-16

Team was as follows:

BRENNAN - Subbed at half time, Touhy on, both did nothing much wrong. I am glad to see Brennan back in goals though. He is defo the man in the short term
VAUGHAN - Did well (also subbed at half time) DILLION (Roasted, although I would blame management more than him. All three goals were due to him being caught out of position, but if he was left in there all league he would have the positional sense of things up to scratch) GLYNN - Decent game.
BUGLER - Did well. Looks nailed on for center back now.
JAMES MC - This is his position. Keep him there.
N O CONNELL - Superstar in the making. Had a fine game. For his age he shows some maturity in this Clare team. A true leader.
EARLEY - Glad to see Sparrow is keeping a close eye on the county championship as this selection shows. Did fine. Not overly impressive but could do a number for us here and was glad he got a run at midfield. I would leave him here.
CONLON - Another true leader who seems to be delighted the Fitzgibbon cup is over. Glad he is in great form coming into the Championship, very impressive yesterday.
LYNCH - Did well. Clare fans like to criticise this man but he is playing good stuff and a cetain starter for the championship.
C. O DONAVAN - Glad to see him get a run out and certainly he tried his best to make an impression. Great engine and workrate. Would have liked to have seen him play the full game but subbed at half time for Clancy.
HONAN - Good game. Looks to be hitting great form. Also replaced at half time but I would pay good money to see this fella alone.
D MC MAHON - Bit of a strange one. Looks very lethargic but still his experience is valuable. I still believe he should be certer back but Bugs dids well.
MCINERNEY - Quite. Dont think he is up to scratch

Scorers were as follows:

N O'Connell (0-8, (4f, 1 65), D McMahon (1-1), J Conlon (0-4), F Lynch (1-0), D Honan (0-3), C Ryan (0-3) (3fs), B Bugler, P O'Connor, J Clancy, E Glynn, P Donnellan (f), C McInerney (1 each).

LohansRedHelmet (Clare) - Posts: 2024 - 23/05/2011 11:02:22    937457


ful back line very poor.wouldnt blame dillon for all the goals.glynn at fault for one of the goals.same line will be cleaned by tipp.bugler outstanding at number 6.noc very good.markham not good enough for intercounty.conlon outstanding.looks very lean and fit.honan would be letal if supplied right ball.galway missing a good few of their starting team.still think diarmuid mcmahon most suited to centre back.over all they didnt look bad.look fit and sharp but galway were poor.

yankee (Clare) - Posts: 134 - 23/05/2011 16:41:30    937989


also patrick o connor looked very impressive.gerry quinn should be tried at full back.

yankee (Clare) - Posts: 134 - 23/05/2011 17:17:31    938047


Thanks for the reports folks (ye should have a spot on champion or people haha)over the years it hard get reports from Clare challenge matches from media and clare media over the years and have found especially coming up to the championship they a great indicator how the team performs .
It was a great score to get against Galway but seems they had second string?all same this point that sparrow has be making that this young Clare team should be in Div 1 set up play those teams to bring Clare on.We should be there as we be in top 2 Div 2 last two years.I in forum where a lot posts agreed with Carlow manage rthat Clare should stay in Div 2 as it brings on likes Carlow Kerry Down etc.But I madce point Clare scored an average of 5-25 against those three and no use to Clare or them!Then an eejit from Longford start critize my presentation of e-mail as said not a English or IT forum and missed the point!
Great score but seems problems in full back line hope we iron out.I hear at 38 Graham Gerathy back for Meath we could ask Frank Lohan he still young at 36 haha
Cian Dillion did well there last year but lost confidence ah he young.2 years ago we tried James McInerney at full back after torrid start against Tipp he settled and marked Cannings out it against Galway.Hope Sparrow find a brian or frank lohan between now and Tipp/Cork match

claremaninkerry (Clare) - Posts: 92 - 23/05/2011 19:25:37    938254


Id say any county would be delighted to find a lohan now

LohansRedHelmet (Clare) - Posts: 2024 - 24/05/2011 08:57:31    938558


I saw Limerick forum Clare lost by 3 points to Waterford last Friday 0-23 to 0-20 according that Clare almost full strength so were they and Clare should have won well ok it challenge but with Galway result encouraging approch championship or is Davy play mind games Limerick haha.General concenous and continuation from Limerick match that we need full back(half back line looks good and 2 corner backs )midfield good and onus on likes McMahon and Clancy to show they up to this level and help those young fellas in fowards.Clubs play weekend when next challenge matches lined up?

claremaninkerry (Clare) - Posts: 92 - 25/05/2011 11:48:15    939659