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clares chances again this year are slim...boys ye cant win the hurling so why try.....?????...what are ye will be a limerick cork final....with limerick to prevale

westledgend (Limerick) - Posts: 169 - 16/12/2008 13:35:49    165310


westledgend gone spare more to point
why dont you wait until cork issues are resolved first before u predict a cork/limerick final

messagehoarder (None) - Posts: 78 - 16/12/2008 16:20:56    165480


Westlegend's letter was aother example of the stupid letters that are sent in.This moron suggests that Clare should not even try because of thir lack of ability and then he forecasts a Cork -Limerick final -with no reference to the prospects of Tipperary or Waterford.Well Iguess if you are an ignoramus you might as welll prove it. He even forecasts that Limerick will be Munster champions.!!!!!

brianboru (Clare) - Posts: 561 - 16/12/2008 16:29:03    165494


thank you brianbaru for your comentary...even though your opinion is not welcolmed....i predict limerick cork final........and limerick to be winners...cork will do well this year....but i can see limerick lifting the liam mccarty cu as well good times ahead for limerick people....limerick will also win the munster in football.....munster to win the hieniken cup...liverpool 4 the champions league...and fa cup.......then we hav aj sing 4 the golf...are you listen put a 50 euro accum on that...and youll be a wealthy man...instead of posting rubbish comments on sites like this

westledgend (Limerick) - Posts: 169 - 16/12/2008 20:00:09    165714


County: Limerick
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Save the 50 euro for the runner up party
Absolute trash talk.... Limerick will not be able to win the Argument
and you talk about winning the munster championship and the rest.
The nearest Limerick came to all ireland glory was with the very good football team yee had back in 03 / 04
the 2007 campain for the hurlers ended like 1994 and 1996...
Enjoy the famine or Frustration as it may be in Limericks case ...
2009 wont be Limericks

messagehoarder (None) - Posts: 78 - 17/12/2008 11:40:13    166018


Come on the banner,from a mayo man who back's the banner every year (when can i expect to collect)?

Tomlangan (Mayo) - Posts: 406 - 17/12/2008 23:11:34    166811


limerick to "prevale". I can only assume prevale is a euphimism for " County with a big three complex that has as much hope of winning the all ireland as a pig has of going to Lanzarote for a wedding".

The story goes that Justin McCarthy is waliking through bruff when he meets a young limerick lad in tears, he asks whats wrong and can he help - the kid replies his dog is old, blind, riddled with cancer, has three legs, no tail, impotent, mange ridden wth fleas and he wishes he could frolic with him in the meadows of county limerick as when he was a pup. Justin says he is sorry but can't do that would anything else cheer him up. " Get Limerick to win the all Ireland" the lad replied.

Justin replied " can I have another look at the dog"!

Dalcassian (Clare) - Posts: 71 - 19/12/2008 12:07:22    168087


re: westledgend

You truely are the clown of clowns!!

Hag_and_Cheese (Tipperary) - Posts: 6103 - 22/12/2008 17:30:00    169560


Yip gone spare in Div 1 ... will be better suited to Div 2 hurling.. more clare's level.

AmberBlacks (Kilkenny) - Posts: 59 - 23/04/2009 20:54:56    266767


Well said Amber!

catsmeow (Kilkenny) - Posts: 77 - 29/04/2009 21:22:24    271698