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Wicklow v Antrim

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Great result against the odds. 3-9 TO 1-13. Goals win matches.

Wicklowman (Wicklow) - Posts: 1059 - 09/02/2014 15:35:24    1543475


Great win today, if you can win your home games and pick up points away from home, you are going to be in the running for promotion. I thought that some of the comments about Wicklow's win last week were a bit negative in the media .. there were excuses that London hadn't been together etc which I found a bit unfair as there was a lot of London being in line for promotion before the game, however, Wicklow proved today that last week's result wasn't a one off and they won today coming from behind which is a good sign especially as they won from the front last week. I agree that goals wins games and the team have played 2 games and have scored 6 goals .. one down side is that 5 of the 6 goals have come from Leighton, I would like to see other people chipping in but I will gladly take the result regardless of who got the scores ... I think Leighton being absent for the best part of two years might work out to be a blessing in disguise as he now seems to have renewed hungry and will hopefully allow him to continue playing for longer because he is the difference between Wicklow being part of the pack in this division and being promotion candidates plus he is an outstanding player who could play in Division 1 ... they just have to keep it going now for the rest of the campaign as promotion is imperative.

wicklowsupport (Wicklow) - Posts: 1198 - 09/02/2014 15:57:38    1543511


Super result today .. Tipp/Waterford & Clare/Leitrim drawing makes the win today even bigger.

I said at start of year , Div4 although a slog and a dog fight , there is no team to be feared. Tipp may well falter to deceive yet and result v Waterford would suggest maybe they aren't going to pull up trees this year.

Plenty more awkward , tricky tight games to come - so steady , calm and very focused heads needed.

Square_Ball_15 (Wicklow) - Posts: 2662 - 09/02/2014 16:20:32    1543540


Wicklowsupport 100 percent agree with everything you said there. The big pity now is that we have no game now until the 2nd of March. A winning team needs to keep going.. Remaining fixtures are CLARE Away 2nd March. LEITRIM Home 9 March, CARLOW Away 16 March, WATERFORD Home 30 March, TIPPERARY Away 6 April.

I think we'll need to have won every match going into the Tipp match to have a real chance of Promotion. We have made a great start, nothing is certain... It was great to see the other 4 teams playing today all draw.. Plus Antrim will win matches later on - which will undoubtedly help us, while promotion would seem to be beyond them already,

Wicklowman (Wicklow) - Posts: 1059 - 09/02/2014 16:23:32    1543544



Next 4 games although all tricky , all very winnable. Aim should be very much to get the job done before Tipp game .. Certainly wouldn't be a great situation if Tipp and ourselves both needed something from last game to be promoted.

Although it's very early , we have a great platform now and wind is at our backs . In 2011 at this stage in Div4 I think we lost 2 of first 3 games making promotion extremely difficult and yet we won Div4.

Square_Ball_15 (Wicklow) - Posts: 2662 - 09/02/2014 16:34:42    1543558


Who done all the scoring today?

yosser (Wicklow) - Posts: 225 - 09/02/2014 16:58:47    1543589


Great results all round today and we are in with a shout now i misread the Tipp result in Carlow completely,Carlow must be even worse than i thought good job Ruislip was waterlogged.Square i think you are wrong about Wicklow winning div 4 we finished 2nd to Fermanagh.we did win the div 4 cup final

pistelero (Wicklow) - Posts: 1715 - 09/02/2014 17:10:38    1543604



I meant we won Div4 final .. We finished 2nd in the table to Fermanagh , but won final

Square_Ball_15 (Wicklow) - Posts: 2662 - 09/02/2014 17:52:20    1543642


A major statement from the Garden county. Beating one of the preseason favourites, Wicklow surely can now start planning for D3 next season. They must put correct, what went wrong last season. Wicklow to start challenging must remain longer than one season in D3.

Jack L (None) - Posts: 2825 - 09/02/2014 18:11:48    1543667


Good to see your doing well hopefully you get out of D4 we only know to well you have the players all the best for the rest of the year!

weemanmc (Fermanagh) - Posts: 102 - 09/02/2014 21:52:24    1543936


Congrats on a brilliant win yesterday for Wicklow,they showed a lot of character in the 2nd half when they lost the lead.Often we would wither but they showed alot of resilience to come back a win tight game.Its something that we have lacked for years in division 4,winning tight games.Its going to be a tricky division with no easy games.People thinking teams can beat the likes of Waterford by 15 points are in cloud cuckoo land.Apart from maybe London and Carlow their is very little between the teams.Brilliant result again

theriddler (Wicklow) - Posts: 193 - 10/02/2014 12:55:24    1544126


Delighted with the result yesterday. As mentioned in the London thread, I was hoping for consistency. Even if we came out the wrong end of the scoreline yesterday, it was a good performance away from home. Another tricky game up next v Clare, if w can claim at least 1 point from this, we are looking good for promotion. Well done to all involved.

neutralfan (Wicklow) - Posts: 204 - 10/02/2014 13:49:30    1544176


Whats the story with johnny flynn lads?is he not available this year?

i.am.ahab. (Wicklow) - Posts: 254 - 10/02/2014 14:43:38    1544228


Great result....win in Clare and we are the favourites for promotion.....any word on john McGrath ?

curnew (Wicklow) - Posts: 446 - 10/02/2014 16:56:03    1544339


Flynn and McGrath are both injured

sirlarry (Wicklow) - Posts: 512 - 10/02/2014 18:22:45    1544401


A great win which sets us up nicely for the second part of the league if we are to make a push for promotion. As acknowledged by other posters the most impressive part about the win was the never say die attitude especially when playing against the wind in the second half with the game appearing to be drifting away from us.Most of us can honestly say that if this was to happen on many previous occasions we would be wondering just how much we would be beaten by. Yesterday showed that we had leaders on the pitch which lifted the other players around them to give 110 percent during the most difficult phases of the game .Added to this was the ability to convert long range frees ,even against the wind plus a coolness in penalty taking.However our half forward line cannot be held scoreless in future games if promotion is to be realised.
This will give the players and management a real boost as they face into training over the coming weeks.The two drawn games yesterday may yet be crucial when the total points are totted up.
Well done to all concerned. It was well worth the long drive and heres looking forward to the trip to the Banner on the first Sunday in March

leftfoot (Wicklow) - Posts: 87 - 10/02/2014 19:09:42    1544424