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No Wicklow Jersey for Christmas

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Can anyone in the county board give an estimate of money lost, by not having the new Wicklow jersey available for Christmas. When 2 of your sponsors 3 hotels go into receivership early in the year, then it doesn't take a rocket science to predict they won't be in a situation to renew that sponsorship.

That would of been the time to start making enquiries for different sources of sponsorship. Have a quick look at the O'Neill's website. You can buy next seasons jerseys, hats, scarves,socks/shorts, training tops for nearly every other county in the country. What can you buy in the Wicklow section for a present this Christmas ?? A pair of socks and shorts ......

Micklow (Wicklow) - Posts: 117 - 18/12/2013 11:15:25    1524822



Your point is misinformed. One of the hotels is in a position to sponsor Wicklow as the Arklow Bay Hotel were announced as sponsors at county convention last saturday. This has to be a welcomed move considering the very real fact we may have had no sponsor. It also highlights that the sponsor clearly feels they are getting something in return considering the fact its in receivership.

Also the figure i seen for jersey royalties was shocking it was under 1000euro hardly going to break the bank in the greater scheme of things!

intheback (Wicklow) - Posts: 204 - 18/12/2013 14:06:52    1524904


Fair play intheback for responding. I didn't know that Arklow Bay sponsorship was concrete and fair play to them for that. Whatever the paltry sum they receive for each jersey sold, it will be even less for not having it available at this time of year. There will be even more United and Liverpool jerseys being unwrapped on christmas day. I heard the new Dublin jersey is selling well in Bray.

Micklow (Wicklow) - Posts: 117 - 18/12/2013 15:30:41    1524951


intheback dont throw stones in glass houses because the Maldron hotel group have purchased the Arklow Bay which is not in receivership but id agree very small minded county board should have had new jersey launched before xmas with merchandise start giving something back to these sponsors

Standview2 (Wicklow) - Posts: 123 - 19/12/2013 21:35:39    1525477