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Fixtures Congestion

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I am not 100% but I think the next few weeks pan out like this.
Senior replay Sat 13th then Final on 26th if Rathnew win replay.
If Mary's win replay final will be deferred until after Leinster because Balto will be Wicklow's reps in Leinster.
Snr Hurling final in Aughrim on Sunday 20th
inter semi final is on Sat 19th and final is on sat 26th winners playing in Leinster on 27th
Eire Og play Leinster Junior in Westmeath on 20th
Kilmac play Meath team in Greystones in Leinster Jnr on 19th

Saw this on another thread. Can anyone else confirm dates?
Why is the senior football final being held up so late?
Will the county champions (Inter & Snr) have to play 26th (Wicklow final) and 27th (Leinster)?
Very unfortunate for the fixtures committee with all the draws but only themselves to blame for the delay. Wicklow were beaten on 30th June - and their struggling to finish championships within 4 months!
Can anyone confirm why any matches are not being played mid-week, which would solve any problems for dual players also?

neutralfan (Wicklow) - Posts: 204 - 09/10/2013 10:59:55    1498288


No midweek championship fixtures at request of clubs at county board meeting.

No_Drama (Wicklow) - Posts: 509 - 09/10/2013 11:21:30    1498303


Thanks No_Drama, but I'd assume there may be exceptions. For example, let's say Ballymanus beat Coolkenno on 19th, then go on to win final on 26th and have to turn out in Leinster on 27th. I'd imagine they would prefer play a semi-final midweek rather than 2 games in 2 days right?

neutralfan (Wicklow) - Posts: 204 - 09/10/2013 11:33:25    1498308


If I am not mistaken coolkenno and ballymanus have heap of young lads all in college some at quite a distance. Another reason clubs did not want evening miweek games was because of lads working. Most in Dublin and further afield. lot of lads up at 6am to get to work then finishes at say 5pm then gets home from Dublin at 6.30 pm too much hardship to expect players to be fresh to play a championship match in evening

No_Drama (Wicklow) - Posts: 509 - 09/10/2013 11:45:47    1498317


When are the winner's of senior hurling out in leinster ???
Can anyone tell me please.
They woulf be playing leinster intermediate. ..

Skits (Wicklow) - Posts: 212 - 09/10/2013 11:47:50    1498320


Other Counties have the same reasons as Wicklow Clubs for not playing mid week.
But they're still playing them. Other Counties are playing c'ship replays 48hrs after drawn games.

wicklowrunner (Wicklow) - Posts: 637 - 09/10/2013 11:50:56    1498325


See below for Leinster Intermediate Hurling Championship which our Senior Champions will be playing in.

1 Dublin v Kilmessan (MH) 27.10.2013
2 Wexford v Wicklow 27.10.2013
3 Celbridge (KE) v St. Lazerians Abbeyleix (LS) 27.10.2013
4 Kilkenny v Bye
5. Meath/Dublin v Wexford/Wicklow 10.11.2013
6. Kildare/Laois v Kilkenny 10.11.2013
FIinal 5 v 6 24.11.2013

Monopoly (Wicklow) - Posts: 195 - 09/10/2013 12:09:30    1498342


Leinster Intermediate Football Championship

1 St. Patricks (LD) v Wexford 20.10.2013
2 1 v Muckalee (KK) 3.11.2013
3 Wicklow v Geraldines (LH) 20.10.2013
4 3 v Caulry / St. Malachys (WH) 3.11.2013
5 Dublin v Johnstownbridge (KE) 20.10.2013
6 5 v Offaly 3.11.2013
7 Ballyroan Abbey/Clonaslee St. Manmans (LS) v Gaeil Colmcille/Clan na nGael (MH) 3.11.2013
8 2 v 4 17.11.2013
9 6 v 7 17.11.2013
Final 8 v 9 1.12.2013

Monopoly (Wicklow) - Posts: 195 - 09/10/2013 12:11:11    1498345


Leinster Senior Club Football Championship

1 Tyrrellspass/St. Lomans (WH) v Carlow 27.10.2013 Mullingar TBC
2 1 v Dublin 10.11.2013 Home Venue 1 TBC
3 Newtown Blues (Louth) v Rhode/Tullamore (OY) 27.10.2013 Drogheda TBC
4 3 v Na Fianna / Summerhill (MH) 10.11.2013 Home Venue 3 TBC
5 Wicklow v Longford Slashers (LD) 27.10.2013 Aughrim TBC
6 5 v Portlaoise / Arles Killeen (LS) 10.11.2013 Home Venue 5 TBC
7 Wexford v Sarsfields/Moorefield (KE) 10.11.2013 Wexford TBC
8 2 v 4 24.11.2013 Home Venue 2 TBC
9 6 v 7 24.11.2013 Home Venue 6 TBC
Final 8 v 9 8.12.2013 To be confirmed TBC

Monopoly (Wicklow) - Posts: 195 - 09/10/2013 12:12:19    1498348



Not sure the point you are making. Wicklow clubs AKA the County Board made a decision not to play these fixtures midweek.

No_Drama (Wicklow) - Posts: 509 - 09/10/2013 12:13:06    1498349


It is a good point regarding players working out of county and in college around the country, very hard for them to get off work/college to play a match midweek, just thought it might be an option this time to relieve the congestion.
It appears the block lies as a result of Mary's/Coolkenno (not playing the blame game before anyone reacts). If anyone is forced to play games in close proximity I think it should be Coolkenno, they were awarded the chance to play in senior championsip with Mary's, other teams cant get "punished" as a result.

As I said, unfortunate for fixtures guys with all the draws but with Leinster looming, shouldn't Senior get priority? I mean it looks as if they are prioritising an Intermediate semi final before a senior final.
If Rathnew win the replay, the final should be on the 20th and Leinster being the 27th. Only clash this way is with the 3-4 hurlers involved from Rathnew right? Sorry to them but that's the problem for dual players these days, Hurling and Football final on same weekend.

neutralfan (Wicklow) - Posts: 204 - 09/10/2013 12:36:53    1498372


is anyone surpried?
if it's not rows it's replays causing delays.

I'm pretty sure all leagues are still ongoing...
they started in February!! 8 months ago.

some reams have 4-5 league games left. It's crazy, expenses being dragged out, floodlighting, pitch repair and countless other costs.

ya go 6 weeks without a game then you have 3 in december to get into top 8 or save yourself from relegation.

top 8 in divsion 1 will surely end up going to playoff too.

a total disgreard for club players

HomerJay (Wicklow) - Posts: 369 - 09/10/2013 13:49:07    1498429


Monopoly I assume you have your information correct and based on that the intermediate football won't be finished in time to fulfil the Leinster fixture. Also, should rathnew win the football championship their 3 hurlers will have a game on the 26th and two on the 27th?

How can the fixtures committee have let this happen? We literally couldn't have been out of the all Ireland series any earlier and they still can't organise themselves enough to get the championship finished.

anon (None) - Posts: 335 - 09/10/2013 14:31:18    1498472


neutral why shud 2 top clubs like ranu an glenaly b penalised 4 der success a lot of these players hav been out 4 r 5 weeks in row wit der own clubs when did marys play last play de problem is not replays its 2 many 3rd rate senior n intermediate football teams clogging up fixture list during de year shud get rid of half dem or make rubbish clubs join together 2 make strong side.players at college or working only excuse 4 not playing mid week games some clubs hav no problem wit it,its the same rule 4 everyone.homerjay right about leagues usles exercise half of dem r never finished because co.board wont enforce fixtures

small ball (Wicklow) - Posts: 278 - 09/10/2013 14:35:26    1498475


Wanderingabout not sure wat u mean about queing 4 money but my club has 6 members in college 4 in dublin 2 in waterford n a lot of players work in dublin some in a professional capacity 1 is a teacher but de 1 thing dey hav in common is dey always make dem selves available when needed if possible.

small ball (Wicklow) - Posts: 278 - 09/10/2013 15:48:14    1498546


At this stage small ball, the only way the dual players wont have a problem is if Mary's beat Rathnew - that way all they have left is the hurling. If Rathnew win, then one way or another they are going to have to play games every week or even 2 per weekend. Not my fault there getting punished for their success, that's the way it is for dual players all around Ireland, at club and county level.

Replays is the reason we are having this problem. I dont like the fact your giving out about the "3rd rate senior n intermediate football teams", there's no doubt Mary's have improved the standard of the SFC these last few years. They have a great record against Rathnew, have they ever lost to them?

neutralfan (Wicklow) - Posts: 204 - 09/10/2013 15:58:27    1498555


Also wonderingabout, keep you personal comments to yourself please, very disrespectful. The reason I created this thread was to discuss the dates of fixtures with a view to providing our club champions the best possible chance in Leinster, not for you to have a cheap shot at their players occupations.

neutralfan (Wicklow) - Posts: 204 - 09/10/2013 17:38:14    1498631


Neutralfan u picked me up wrong on dat one im not refering 2 marys who r a fine team only few years ago shilelagh cud hav beaten ranu in senior final marys group side n we need more of dem.im on about ones who over years r gettin hammerd by double scores all d time by de gud sides and wil never get any closer 2 dem i dont want 2 name clubs here but how many senior clubs capable of winnin senior de way tings r. in north none in south none in west balto in east ranu n pats de rest only making up numbers on a gud day bray.kiltgn or blessinton cud cause a suprise but not gud enough 2 do it 3 times in 1 year,n no matter who wins intermediate dey wont come near any of big 3 on der own.

small ball (Wicklow) - Posts: 278 - 09/10/2013 19:39:05    1498682


So the Dublin SFC final was played today and finished in a draw after going to ET (Yes they let it go to ET instead of a replay). They have scheduled the replay for Wednesday night at 7.45pm. Presumably they have scheduled this to allow their county champions have a chance in Leinster (who will play on Sunday 10th).

This is one of the many things that Wicklow will need to look at going into 2014. The congestion that happened this year was ridiculous and there's no reason why a midweek game couldn't be organised to relieve this. As a result, Rathnew had to forfeit home advantage and went on to get hammered. Not saying the result would have been different but it would not have been the massacre that it was.

neutralfan (Wicklow) - Posts: 204 - 03/11/2013 17:27:29    1508727