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McGrath on battling leukemia and loving football

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Life has a habit of throwing arrows at us, but shot a cannonball at John McGrath.

In the third episode of the Real Talks Podcast, John's perspective, determination and borderline beligerence shine through as he talks about his battle with leukemia.

As John says, the word cancer itself isn't a nice one. It's one constantly associated with death and negative stories. Like all those who battle the disease, John's story is a personal one. This one, like so many others is an inspiration to anyone who has faced adversity.

John's story is one that offers hope to anyone who knows the struggles of battling any illness. His inspirational positivity and determination are evident throughout this revealing and intimate conversation.

Diagnosed in 2011, Wicklow's John McGrath is now playing his 11th season at inter-county level. Hear the story from the man himself. An incredibly inspiring character. Listen to the piece in full here: http://realtalks.ie/posts/episode-3-john-mcgrath/

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