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Is there any updates on the GAAGO website? seems like its either going to be a last minute setup or else late into the championship

cormac8 (Tyrone) - Posts: 29 - 07/05/2014 18:03:25    1585159


A complete and utter farce, the GAA and RTE cannot get their act together with regards to the "Streaming Service" they were supposed to provide for us here in the US. The championship has already started and no word from anywhere as to what this PHANTOM service will be. It was supposed to be announced at the end of April. A complete slap in the face to the hard work being done by all over here who work to grow the games in the country with the largest number of teams and players outside of Ireland.
Typical Irish response, how the hell did Sky get hooked up with such a shambolic organization?

Dubfan Abroad (Dublin) - Posts: 282 - 11/05/2014 19:27:12    1586402


Its all here. I think GAA fans stateside will like it. Get the right cable to plug laptop into TV and your are sorted. Number of trips to pub seriously reduced. 45 games at €110 must be better than 45 games at 20 dollars each in the pub.

CocknyTribesman (UK) - Posts: 194 - 14/05/2014 16:03:42    1587655


Yea seems to be a good deal, although for new yorkers it might just be best just getting the box deal thats going around for $100 up front and $30 a month to get all channels from home on your tv.

cormac8 (Tyrone) - Posts: 29 - 29/05/2014 20:41:56    1595439