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NY v Leitrim...

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Is it at the CCC's discretion what they can give in this instance or is there a mandate to follow

rossie12 (Roscommon) - Posts: 396 - 15/05/2013 15:14:41    1384519


Minimum penalties are in the rules, up to a maximum of ninety six weeks.

dirra2 (Mayo) - Posts: 181 - 15/05/2013 17:00:00    1384622


good games this weekend. cavan/kerry, cork/donegal. i like cavan and donegal to squeeze through, set up an ulster final. will be the best weekend of games in the park so far this year

sligolifer (Sligo) - Posts: 959 - 16/05/2013 15:36:11    1385198


Should be 2 goog games. I think it will be an all Ulster final. Ill take Cavan by 4 and Donegal by 2. I was very impressed with Cavan earlier in the year against Leitrim and Donegal look very fit. I worry for Kerry this year as they are too soft while Cork haven't seemed to kick it in gear yet

rossie12 (Roscommon) - Posts: 396 - 16/05/2013 16:16:54    1385229


Agree Sligo, think the season is just ready to kick off nicely but think that it may be a Kerry/Cork final. Either way think it's fair to say that with no Summer players in yet that the best four teams in New York will be on display this weekend. Final on Memorial weekend and then championship really kicks off in earnest.

GPlifer (USA) - Posts: 290 - 16/05/2013 16:28:16    1385242


hearing championship is 2 rounds this year, each club plays each other twice, good to see that many games will be an exciting summer. intermediate will be good as well. any word of any big name snactions yet besides the down lad with leitrim?

sligolifer (Sligo) - Posts: 959 - 16/05/2013 16:33:36    1385249