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Stateside this Summer

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Hi lads

What standard do you have to be at to be brought over to America for the Summer,play football and be looked after job and accommodation wise? I'd love to go but don't know how to go about it.I'd really appreciate some help.

collegeboy (Offaly) - Posts: 69 - 29/03/2012 11:51:41    1139294


Thanks for the help,

collegeboy (Offaly) - Posts: 69 - 04/04/2012 09:31:16    1143301


Wat do u expect college boy...ur email is basically askin if someone wil fund ur summer..good luck with sound like an example of what every club out here wants to avoid...

greenhead (USA) - Posts: 51 - 05/04/2012 10:18:21    1144124


college boy contact me on the kevin barrys phila face book

martyg2994 (USA) - Posts: 6 - 04/05/2012 14:52:15    1166040