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Phanatic - Likewise these two bodies were solely responsible for the decision to bring them back to Philadelphia. At no time did Philly GAA have any input in the decision making process.

So Philly GAA made no representations or overtures to the NACB and Croke Park about forcing them back to Philly????? Now thats a real stretch!! They are not competing in any Senior championship in either city because of those decisions. They had a Senior Championship to play in NY, there is none in Philly and maybe instead of engaging in semantics you should ask the question as to why they were playing in NY in the first place. I'm off to Sport's Authority now to buy my new pogo stick to travel up and down the turnpike, should be there in time for these Utopian games between all the teams in the USA and then I will be putting my tooth under the pillow for the tooth fairy.

GPlifer (USA) - Posts: 290 - 25/02/2012 19:10:52    1117628


It's getting real old with you GPLIFER. You love to spout about things you know nothing about.
At the time the club was allowed play in New York the NACB officers at that time were sympatheteic to the clubs wish to contest at the senior level. In the next few years a new NACB board was elected and it was felt by them that a dangerous precedent had been set regarding a team leaving the county. There was a fear that if teams from Boston, Philly or Washington DC made requests to do likewise how could they be stopped. And don't forget teams that might want to leave NY and enter the NACB.
You also are ignorant of the fact that the club in question lost 8 out of 9 championship games in NY that year. Their base team was getting a bit long of the tooth to say the least and the coffers had more or less disappeared with the realisation that the huge costs involved with getting a team 3 hrs up to the Bronx every week was unsustainable.
So before you get on that high pogo stick of yours try and find out the truth before you make blind accusations.

phanatic (USA) - Posts: 91 - 25/02/2012 20:02:22    1117639


Phanatic - You really need to stay out of the medicine cabinet. You are on some seriously delusional medication if that is what you believe.
Let me ask you a direct question - Why in Gods name would a team in New York leave to go play in Philadelphia???? The team you refer to wanted to remain in New York. New York wanted them to remain. You say that Philadelphia had no say in the decision making process. If you believe that there is a bridge here in lower Manhattan that you may be interested in buying. I may be able to get you a good deal on it.

GPlifer (USA) - Posts: 290 - 26/02/2012 14:45:55    1117811


Just heard New York camogie team lined up to participate in NACB Labor Day Playoff Weekend 2012 in Philadelphia. One team definitely coming in from the Big Apple, maybe two. Great, great news and hats of, if you havn't eaten it already, to the people with vision and foresight who made this happen. Along with the 9 teams coming in from Canada its just fantastic that administrators are putting old differences and animosities behind them and creating good competition for clubs that in a negative world they wouldn't normally get.

I know the price of gas is shooting through the roof but lets hope GPLIFER you don't sway the camogie team to use Pogo sticks to get to Philly. How will that work with the EZ Pass? Lord you're a frugal old devil!!! Anything to save a few bucks.

phanatic (USA) - Posts: 91 - 27/02/2012 16:29:17    1118466


i seen on this page that there are american colleges playing gaelic football , would anyone know anything more about this and how a young irish lad could maybe go to college and play football over here ?

northsidegael (Meath) - Posts: 108 - 28/02/2012 12:14:09    1118937


Stanford, Purdue, Middle Tennessee, Indiana....are just some of the colleges with a GAA program, hurling mainly from what I gather. You would need to be accepted into these colleges based on something other than GAA sporting endeavors though....another sports scholarship perhaps, academics some research, most schools have websites etc.

Shinkicker (USA) - Posts: 145 - 28/02/2012 20:33:45    1119350


What happened GPLIFER. Is this the part where you take a time out to make frantic phonecalls to verify what I said. Too funny. Don't be eating your hat either. I don't want to see you come to any harm just to prove a point. But you can get that pogo stick greased up and ready for the road. Looks like you're going to need it!!!!

phanatic (USA) - Posts: 91 - 29/02/2012 17:06:31    1119911


Fair play Phanatic, you are always good for a laugh if nothing else. I am sure it will come as a shock to most in New York that a Camogie team from here will be playing in Philadelphia in the finals in light of the fact that there has been no camogie teams here for many years. In fact they had an international tournament here last fall that I happened to be in Gaelic Park one day to see. I think that one team had 7 players and the other had eight and it was ten minutes a side. If that is what you want to hang your hat on regarding New York's participation in the NACB then who am I to burst your bubble. When you can't get your own champions from by far your biggest city to travel to finals what chance have you got from others. Enjoy finals between Cleveland and Milwaukee. Sadly I have decided to park up the pogo stick as I see no need for it in the near future and maybe if the finals are in Pluto I will travel to meet you as that seems to be the planet that you are inhabiting.

GPlifer (USA) - Posts: 290 - 01/03/2012 13:16:59    1120338


GPLIFER Thought you would be happy for a new start-up camogie NY team being formed and all you can give us is negative stuff about some international tournament you stumbled upon. Maybe it was 7-aside? Boston had a dispute with Nacb in 2010 and sent no teams to the play-offs in Chicago that year. Meetings were held, fines were issued, dispute was resolved and everybody but you moved on. Subsequently Boston sent 9 (nine) teams to the 2011 playoffs in San Fran.

Nice to see you are better educated on negative stuff regarding the NACB and you havn't a clue about new clubs that are being formed in your own county. Disappointing and sad!

phanatic (USA) - Posts: 91 - 01/03/2012 15:47:42    1120498