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Donegal looking good for junior cup, Monaghan should run them close though.Rays & Cavan may also challenge, The rest are on same level.

big fan (None) - Posts: 239 - 05/08/2010 12:04:34    736623


monaghan and donegal in the final i'd out for the rays and tyrone, cavan are useless at this point

sligolifer (Sligo) - Posts: 959 - 05/08/2010 14:04:51    736820


monaghan lucky to beat westmeath last nite so looks good for the donnies

big fan (None) - Posts: 239 - 06/08/2010 11:29:56    737794


NYer told me 15 Rockland players beat Tyrone handy this week with no subs, are they a threat again ?

lostintime (USA) - Posts: 533 - 06/08/2010 13:06:40    738005


The Rockland team on Wednesday night produced the best football of any Junior team this season. Their speed, athletic ability, and fitness were a joy to watch. This against a tough, skillful Tyrone side. Nothing in the game until Tyrone ran out of steam. Although short at least five starters the Rockland side would be serious contenders at intermediate level.

Faha2 (USA) - Posts: 112 - 06/08/2010 17:18:53    738462