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Transfers / 60 day sanctions NY

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Has there been any good signings in new york yet this year or any word on 60 day sanctions heading our direction...should b a few good ones with the work situation in ireland!

skooner (USA) - Posts: 3 - 26/03/2010 15:22:43    599963


Cavan and Donegal seem to have alot of talk surrounding getting some decent players in pre april. Although i did hear that one or two did not stick about. Expect Leitrim to once again throw some money out for summer merceneries. Any confirmation?

greenhead (USA) - Posts: 51 - 08/05/2010 17:03:39    641340


lads was just wondering about these 60day sanctions,where exactly do you get htem or where do they have to be sent???

greenmachiene (Westmeath) - Posts: 14 - 21/05/2010 13:57:25    654534