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Tipp v Cork footie and SOB

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I would put yesterday's football in my top 5 of most enjoyable Tipp matches hurling or football to witness. It was enthralling from start to finish. The players deserve unreal credit for that gutsy performance. They are a credit to us Tipp people. I just wish more would give them the support they deserve. Very few people from North Tipp attend or support the footballers. The North Board must take some of the blame as I feel football in the North is treated like it's soccer. Tipp lack a midfielder, tall and able to field high ball. I really think Stephen O'Brien has been badly advised. He is a fabulous footballer but an average hurler in my opinion. Colin O Riordon and SOB in particular are massive losses. As is Seamus Kennedy. It's a pity they have chosen to be bit part players for the hurlers instead of been key players for the footballers. If our hurlers show half as much courage and tenacity against Limerick we will hammer them.

fergo (Tipperary) - Posts: 46 - 13/06/2016 17:25:58    1866302