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Sitting on the wall outside Fagans supping porter I struck up a conversation with a bloke from Lietrim. Realising my utter disappointed he told me to cop on and that he would nearly kill to see his county in Croke Park on All Ire day just once before he kicks the bucket. We in Tipp have a lot to be thankful for. I was able to follow my county 3 times alone this year in Croker. Many people up and down this country haven't seen their county in Croker 3 times their entire lives.

Thank you to the management team and the entire panel for working so hard all year to give me such enjoyment. Because we were beaten yet again by kk we will criticise and say what were the management up to etc but we forget how hard the 30 or so young men work and sacrifice their free time to give us days out in Croker. Thanks lads for the great times this year.

fergo (Tipperary) - Posts: 46 - 28/09/2014 12:43:31    1657648


Good post.Sometimes a little perspective is needed.These Tipp players deserve a lot of support after yesterday.They are a credit to the county.Losing the League final and All Ireland,after a replay,is gut wrenching.Lady luck deserted Tipp at crucial times in both finals.Ye should be proud of yere men.Im sure ye are.Tipps day will come.

cuederocket (Dublin) - Posts: 5084 - 28/09/2014 12:58:02    1657654


Fair play Fergo that's a very good post. The first match will live long in the memory. The performance by the Tipp players was incredible. I love to see good crowds at club matches over the coming weeks and at next year's league matches to give the players a lift.

Killarney.87 (Tipperary) - Posts: 2513 - 28/09/2014 15:09:13    1657682


Good man Killarney.Keep the heads high lads.No shame in losing to this KK team.Hard to take but the pain will soon ease,and we all look forward to next year.

cuederocket (Dublin) - Posts: 5084 - 28/09/2014 15:20:55    1657685


Thanks Cuede this one is a tough one to take. We didn't take our goal chances the first day when we had the beating of them.

We need to stick together now and help these players lift Liam McCarthy next year. That has to start with the first match of the league right through to our last championship match.

There has been plenty of positives like the form of Shane McGrath, Bonnar and Callanan.

Killarney.87 (Tipperary) - Posts: 2513 - 28/09/2014 16:45:48    1657708


Tipp deserve huge credit for the great games theyve given us since 2009.Unfortunately,sometimes in life,we dont get what we deserve.I really feel this team should have won a second All Ireland.Luck is the vital ingrediant,and Tipp have had none at all.Pity.These heart breaking losses,and the sporting way,ye have accepted defeat,has made Tipp my num 2 county.

cuederocket (Dublin) - Posts: 5084 - 28/09/2014 18:26:49    1657754


What a credit this team and all these lads are to the bliue and gold. When you think of the time they give up and the pleasure we get from watching the skill, courage and magnificant stick work you can't but feel very proud from being from the same county as them. Sure defeat is hard to take but so is it hard for the lafds. They make the sacrifices but we only go and watch.
Congrats to Kilkenny, what a great team but we are very close now and there is only the bounce of a ball between the two teams.
Lets give Eamon and the management team another two years and they will have us up where we want to be. Keep the faith and have your blue and gold flags ready to flutter again in Croke Park next year.
We are complaining but let us not forget that when Kilkenny beat Tipp in the All Ireland Final on 9 September 1923 it would be 45 years before they again beat Tipp in a championship match. So trends can be overturned and every circle turns fully eventually.As a sideline a baby born in Dublin on that day was named Michael Byrne but would later become better known as The Rattler".

roscreapony (Tipperary) - Posts: 16 - 28/09/2014 20:06:43    1657795


Clare and Limerick will have no fear of Tipperary next year. To many so called Tipp stars are inconsistent,and that was proved yesterday.Codys "new"half back line really sorted the men from the boys yesterday.

Brinsley Swartz (Mayo) - Posts: 2225 - 28/09/2014 20:55:02    1657827


Having seen Mayo over the last few years it surprises me that anyone from that county has the audacity to talk about "men & boys" in the context of the Tipp/Kilkelly clashes. Everyone on that field on Saturday was every inch a man and can stand proud of what they achieved.

roscreapony (Tipperary) - Posts: 16 - 29/09/2014 19:36:18    1658290


Better luck next time Kilkenny.

20carrolls (National) - Posts: 99 - 30/09/2014 11:17:25    1658460


Roscrea please don't take the bait of a bitter Mayo person.

Killarney.87 (Tipperary) - Posts: 2513 - 30/09/2014 18:46:57    1658722