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Positives: 1. Performance of Darren Gleeson :when the founder of the short puck out (Donal Og) states that it was the best puck out display ever, then it must have been epic. 2. The Defence: super solid performance from the full back line but I think Paddy Stapleton's was the most impressive as Cronin had a big height advantage but Stapleton never gave him an inch. the half back line was as good with Padraig Maher playing where he is best suited and Bergin more settled in that position. 3. Midfield surprise: Several experts, Michael Duignan for one, believed that Cork would smash Tipp here and go on to win. McGrath's best performance since 2010 and Woodlock now able to finish those runs he makes. 4. Bonner and Callinan: Can't imagine a Tipp team without either and both should be wrapped in cotton wool till September 7. 5. Gary Ryan: The fitness and conditioning of the Tipp team is amazing, obviously Gary Ryan knows what he's at. 6. Croke Park: Isn't it just one of life's simple pleasures to be in a fantastic stadium like Croker supporting your county?, long may it continue.

Negatives: 1. Tipp fans out numbered AGAIN !!!: If we take it that there was officially 68,000 there, I think there was 50k Cork. With the exception of the league final, Tipp have been poorly supported this season with the abysmal turnout for the Galway qualifier game a low point. 2. Desperate Cork performance: Has anyone seen a poorer Cork performance? Tipp fans will say 'they weren't let hurl.' Fair enough but Donal Og makes a great point about Tipp's puckouts. Cork were indifferent and lazy. They didn't bother to pick up their markers and made it easy for Gleeson. KK won't give up possession that easy we can be sure. When I got home very late due to the brutal traffic I watched the game again. Before the match started JBM and his selectors were having a right laugh at something. I never see Cody smiling until they have won an All Ire. Cork were over confident. 3. We have only 2(ok 3, maybe Bubbles) playing at the top of their game. To me, Noel and Lar look short on confidence. Garoid Ryan needs to start scoring.

fergo (Tipperary) - Posts: 46 - 19/08/2014 11:53:34    1638790


I think Tipp will have to be at their very best to beat Kilkenny. They are our bogey team and recently we do not have a great record against them. The training needs to get them to their peak. It's good saying positives and negatives but over such a short number of games which the GAA championship is we need to take each game as they come. I believe Tipp are younger so if they can stay with Kilkenny for first 50 mins then we have a great chance.

20carrolls (National) - Posts: 99 - 19/08/2014 15:55:12    1638908


I think Kk will have to really play above themselves to have any chance of beating tipp otherwise it will be 11 out of 18 wins for tipp as our record is very good against them save for the last 2 or 3 years

tiobraidArann (Tipperary) - Posts: 362 - 21/08/2014 18:13:06    1640139