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Tipp footballers for All-Ireland quarter final

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Tipperary 0-10 Antrim 0-08

Through to round 4!

660 big ones hopefully!

Jimin10 (Meath) - Posts: 782 - 21/07/2012 16:44:20    1224224


Congrats lads threw to the next round...

DUB1 (Dublin) - Posts: 5583 - 21/07/2012 17:59:10    1224308


Next up down and after todays performance it must give yourselves a great chance of over coming the mournemen...

DUB1 (Dublin) - Posts: 5583 - 22/07/2012 21:26:46    1225274


Jimin10 I only put a tener on it that day I told you they were 22/1 can not believe we are after getting this far. Do you think we will beat Down ?

therealtmo (Tipperary) - Posts: 1292 - 23/07/2012 11:42:38    1225657


Hello lads and lassies. Big game for your footballers next weekend! It's going to be a tough one for the Down players lifting themselves, I'm hoping to see a bit more fight from our players than we seen in yesterday's second half. We had Donegal rattled in the first half but couldn't sustain it. Looking forward to seeing where this match is being played and at what time so I can start making my plans. Tipp won't be easy beat at all, in fact if I was a betting man i'd probably have a few quid on ye's! It's just a shame your footballers don't get the support they deserve.

MourneArmy (Down) - Posts: 1787 - 23/07/2012 12:42:31    1225797


Tipperary v Down, 4pm, Cusack Park, Mullingar, July 28

MourneArmy (Down) - Posts: 1787 - 23/07/2012 13:23:32    1225881


Really looking forward to next Saturday. Down will be favourites for this one, but Tipp are really in bonus territory and will be going to Mullingar with nothing to lose. After winning 3 Championship matches in a row, Tipp will travel with great hope and whatever happens on Saturday it has been a great run in the qualifiers that will benefit Tipp greatly over the next few years as the best of our All Ireland winning minors make the breakthrough to the Senior team. The spirit in the Tipp team has improved by a massive amount since Peter Creedon took over and who knows there might be one more win in the team yet. However it is a Div. 1 team against a Div. 3 team and people of my generation still see Down as one of the class teams of Gaelic Football, having watched and admired so many great Down players over the years.

Star Gazer (Tipperary) - Posts: 436 - 23/07/2012 21:43:08    1226865


Star Gazer well said, if people can I would also urge them to try and go to this match and support the lads, they are plenty of buses going at the moment. This is a huge ask of this team but with the spirit they have shown since the end of the league who knows.

therealtmo (Tipperary) - Posts: 1292 - 24/07/2012 09:12:00    1226941


I really fancy Tipp for this one. i like Down but I'd much prefer Tipp to make it to croker. good luck.

BettystownRoyal (Meath) - Posts: 3353 - 24/07/2012 15:03:56    1227529


County: Meath
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1227529 I really fancy Tipp for this one. i like Down but I'd much prefer Tipp to make it to croker. good luck.

Agreed. Go on Tipp!!!

aidan64 (Kerry) - Posts: 566 - 25/07/2012 12:49:37    1228515


Cant wait for this. Wish I was there.
Hope we manage to bring more than a 1500 for it. Very poor support last Saturday
I think Down will bring 5 or 6000.

sliotarado (Tipperary) - Posts: 7 - 26/07/2012 13:09:33    1229473


All the best for tommorow lads...

DUB1 (Dublin) - Posts: 5583 - 27/07/2012 13:40:12    1230474


Sickened for ye lads. Didn't have enough to cover the bet and I didn't win the 660! but I don't care about the bet really. Ye can be proud of the team today. Had Down at the pin of their collars 3 points down with 5 mins to go. Tipp football has come on a lot and who knows what could happen next year.

Jimin10 (Meath) - Posts: 782 - 28/07/2012 18:19:56    1231444


Cheers for all the well wishes pity we couldn't make it any further, not too pleased with the ref but best of luck to Down.

tipptothetop (Tipperary) - Posts: 531 - 28/07/2012 20:42:35    1231633


Tipp football has a bright future and this is only the start. Best of luck!

MourneArmy (Down) - Posts: 1787 - 29/07/2012 09:30:09    1231942


Nice comment, MourneAbbey. As I said to a couple of Down supporters on Saturday, I hope we will meet you again in a couple of years. Some good young players to come into the panel in the next year or two.

Star Gazer (Tipperary) - Posts: 436 - 30/07/2012 09:26:34    1233071