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What did we learn???

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I left 15 mins before the end of the game on Saturday.Again we went to sleep but at least we won.

I think our backs bar David Young , Paul Curran & Micky Cahill were very consistent throughout. The other 3 I am sorry to say I dont have much faith in.

McGrath & Maher at midfield started well , went in & out at stages & have a lot more hurling in them.Two young lads very talented hurlers.

In the forwards im suprised he left on Patrick Maher for so long I dont think he will start the next day. Seamus Callinan is having a bad run a fine hurler but not getting the breaks this year. Lets hope he can improve as his a big player in the side. Suprised Timmy Hammersly didnt get a run.Our forwardes seemed to have it too easy at times & we need to sharpen up here for much tighter games. That 15 wont beat Kilkenny.

I hear we could have a date with Offaly next day & I reckon they will provide us with a much sterner test. From here on in we have the big teams now & its win or bust.

Given that Wexford were very poor is there any views on what we can improve on or the lesser said the better??

WildPundit (Tipperary) - Posts: 1643 - 05/07/2010 21:02:20    697411


Patrick Maher scored 4 point from play, i think he had a great game, much better than seamie, Maher is willing to win the hard ball, seamie wont. Unless he ups his game i'd leave him on the bench for a while and maybe then he will fight for the ball. And dont get me wrong as a hurler he is great but if he worked as hard as some of the other forwards in the country he would easly be one of the best.

mikeweed74 (Tipperary) - Posts: 4 - 06/07/2010 11:13:35    697756



Maher was in there to win ball which is normally the strongest part of his play.... he did not win one clean ball in the first half.... the search for a half forward who functions as a target man and winner of clean ball goes on..... the lad did ok but a long ways off top county standard, would have said the same about geroid ryan a while ago but he looks like a lad playing with serious confidence at the moment, Hopefully he'll be able to preform like that consistantly.

Hag_and_Cheese (Tipperary) - Posts: 6103 - 06/07/2010 20:39:59    698793


Big problem is that there is no pressure on them to keep their places. In Kilkenny Eddie Brennan is now looking over his shoulder after being taken off early twice in the last 2 games.

Callanan and McGrath have been poor throughout the league campaign and McGrath was awful against Cork (not the only one in fairness) but yet those 2 start every game.

Im happy that Gearoid Ryan is getting a game and hope he starts the next game because we badly need his energy, John O'Brien just isnt up to it im afraid.

Hammersley, Hennessy and Patrick Maher have shown they have some scoring ability and arent overly interested in messing around with rubbish short passes. So much of Tipps game is breaking down when we try get too intricate, Lar Corbett is one who always seems to be at that, he has the pace, power and shooting ability to beat most but insists on giving a stupid handpass or short puck to a lad in the middle who has a man either side of him. The league game against Waterford showed this in abundance. 3 or 4 times there were simple enough shots over the bar there to be taken but were wasted by poor and unnessecary runs and passes.

I dont think Tipp are as far away as everyone thinks from a decent challenge at the AI, just need to get the confidence back and make sure even the likes of Eoin Kelly arent impervious to being dropped or at least sure they think that

kilruane (Tipperary) - Posts: 155 - 07/07/2010 13:34:43    699302


What has happened to Callanan? he was a fine player until recently. He seems to have gone backwards.

LohansRedHelmet (Clare) - Posts: 2011 - 08/07/2010 14:53:56    700460


Ya his not on his usual form.Maybe his markers are keeping a close eye on him as his a bit of a roaming centre forward but this year he has been pinged down the middle & has not gone out to the wings as much as he used to.We dont really have much other options to fill there maybe Patrick Maher but his not that tall.

How are ye guys for Saturday vs the Dubs??Confident??

WildPundit (Tipperary) - Posts: 1643 - 08/07/2010 19:17:59    700846


Hopefully a bit more intensity in the half forward line that one of the main reasons we lost to cork.... we've another great option at half back but with the test that we got against wexford it's hard to read into it as much but it'll build confidence no doubt.

Hag_and_Cheese (Tipperary) - Posts: 6103 - 08/07/2010 21:39:06    700987



He didn't win one clean ball in the first half granted he's a grafter and maybe that's what's needed most of his scores came in the second half when wexford were well beaten.... could be an option but a bit more to go to be top class only time will tell. A fit Pat kerwick is badly in the half forward but we still need a center half forward still think callinan has a part to play in this championship maybe as wing forward he seems to be lacking confidence??

Hag_and_Cheese (Tipperary) - Posts: 6103 - 08/07/2010 21:43:48    700989



The Clare Dub game is very hard to call. Two very evenly matched teams. Clare are slight favourites with the bookies which I find strange. Whichever team wins could rattle a couple of the more established teams and I can only hope it's Clare. Hopefully we will do the business, if we play to our potential we should!!

LohansRedHelmet (Clare) - Posts: 2011 - 09/07/2010 08:57:54    701026


Could'nt agree with you more Clare man!!!

I think Clare should win just going on current form.Also Clare will come out of the blocks like they did against Waterford & I dont think Dublin have the calibare of players to put away teams like they did last year.

I think Clare would be a good test for Tipp but looks like we will have Offaly & Clare will have Antrim if ye win Saturday.

With Either Cork / Waterford / Galway waiting in the AI Quater's who ever comes through from the qualifiers will have it tough.

No easy games from here on in I reckon for any team.

WildPundit (Tipperary) - Posts: 1643 - 09/07/2010 12:00:31    701237


to be fair to wexford i don't think our backs were all that terrible.forwards were just non-existant and gave the backs far to much to do.ah well.another waste of a summer and we'll struggle on.bonnar seems in big trouble altohugh he said he'd like to stay.i reckon we keep carton,travers,rossiter,roche,stamp,kenny,2 kehoes,farrell,quigley,jacob and drop the rest of the panal and replace them with under 21s.
just out of curiosity how many rounds of the county championship have you played down there ?

Doylerwex (Wexford) - Posts: 1680 - 09/07/2010 12:14:40    701268