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Salaries and expenses in the GAA

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With all the revelations about senior people in the IFA and what they've been paid, I feel we should know exactly who gets what at the middle and top in the GAA. We're the people who make the organisation, take nothing but pay our dues along with the clubs, etc. A lot of senior people on the payroll in the GAA are young enough, have pensions from ex goverment jobs and are on exactly what sort of salaries and expenses? It's something we need to know.

davittsman (Mayo) - Posts: 327 - 26/11/2015 18:22:36    1810136


There is no connection between the gaa and the ifa situation.

If there is to be an opening up of details regarding monies paid then it has to start at the top and be country-wide.

TheMaster (Mayo) - Posts: 16187 - 27/11/2015 09:27:14    1810189