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Mayo wont start all 4 midfield options as we would have nothing in reserve when legs tire. Tom Parsons has a great engine and was still going strong the last day. Would be wasted as sweeper and what makes people think he'd be any good in that role. Think we need to go back to doing what we do best, attacking in strength and surely Freeman in alongside AOS could pay dividends.

ponga (Mayo) - Posts: 524 - 04/09/2015 12:11:05    1781956


I can see Dublin playing the same tactics as they did the last day i.e. foul out the field and stop any running with the ball. I don't know how we will approach it. I think we need a decent subs bench but because of all the injuries this season I don't think we have one.

Also guys are not going to be able to go at it again for another 70 mins like last week. Legs will turn to Jelly I think. Also dunno what all the fuss i about Connolly. He was actually very quiet last week and only scored 1 point from play. I think Alan Brogan is just as good.

Dublin also feel hard done by. Although I don't know why. Connolly did strike but in the overall game both McMahon an Cooper should both have walked for straight reds. McMahons dive and feigning hand over the face was cat as well. Dublin got away with it there big time.

And this blaming of Cillian O'Connor all week is nonsense. There were no stitches for Rory O Carroll like some Dubs guys and a lot of the media proclaimed. Charlie Redmond was a disgrace on the radio. For such a high profile player to have such a blinkered attitude and lie on the radio is brutal.

Overall it's a tough one to call. I hope both team play in the spirit of the game and Eddie Kinsella has the good sense to be wise in his decision making. After all its still only a semi-final !!

MaigheoAbu (Mayo) - Posts: 343 - 04/09/2015 13:29:09    1782084


Barry Moran as a sweeper would be better than Colm Boyle, Boyle is a winger a man marker, telling him to run around marking space is no good to him, he seems lost, Big Barry is a better reader of the game for the sweeper role

riverboys (Mayo) - Posts: 1389 - 04/09/2015 14:11:54    1782131