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First half we were naïve , second half was much better , ref was a fool , decky first yellow was a dive right in front of me the corner back all 6.4 of him was a disgrace, ref throwing up our free when sam was placing the ball after agreeing with linesman where the free was from, downeys black card was a joke 2 of the Carlow players holding him again defender took a dive .Defensive system 13 yard free 2 mins before half time that yahoo of a manager running on to the field dragging every Carlow player back in side there own 45 to set up for the next play game is in big trouble there's a reason they were div 4 for so long I sat behind the Carlow manager and he instructed the physio to get on every 2 mins the only way to stop this is better officials the linesman didn't do anything to stop this nonsense. we got gametime to a few more players I hope Carlow are relegated won 2 cship games last year playing a bit of football now this carryon is very annoying big Louth support there and overall thought we done ok.

N08CUTN (Mayo) - Posts: 262 - 04/03/2019 07:29:24    2169968


Replying To LaLu:  "I see that 86 people turned up a home league game for the county that tonight's referee was from. Not much more to be said about football knowledge there. I had more at my child's birthday party..."
Pity he didn't go and make it 87

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