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Limerick going very well,its on live on the RTE News Now TV,two smart goals by Limerick,they're looking good,very well organized and good on the tackle,long way to go but doing well.

ONdeDITCH (Limerick) - Posts: 428 - 07/11/2020 14:08:33    2305810


Really enjoyed watching today..a shame for the boys as I think they left it behind them..had some very bad wides in the game and tipp didn' to tipp for 2 brilliant scores,first to level in normal time and then the winner in extra time..might have been a question of a foot block by tipp keeper..ref might have given another 30 seconds but again wouldn't be sure..if this team can be kept together no reason they won't keep competing ..well done and I'm not being patronizing.

CTGAA10 (Limerick) - Posts: 1044 - 07/11/2020 15:41:55    2305836


A torrid first 20 mins for Limerick in the second half but in fairness to them they rallied and were a point ahead in injury time of normal time,should have been two but for a terrible miss straight in front of goal.They are certainly on the way back and will get better.I enjoyed watching them,especially in the first half when they played some great football and their tackling was superb.

ONdeDITCH (Limerick) - Posts: 428 - 07/11/2020 18:52:17    2305888


Good opportunity to get to a Munster final gone, to lose a 7 point lead after half time is unforgivable at county level. I can't understand why Michael Donavan was left on bench until extra-time a fantastic footballer who can defend and get up the field and kick points. Also is Josh Ryan injured he would have made a big difference if he was available especially in midfield to help out Tommy Childs who had most of the responsibility to win ball from kick outs. Tipperary goal was a bad goal to give away our backs were asleep with poor reactions with the ball coming off the post. Brian Fox made a hugh difference for Tipperary coming on linking up their play and conor Sweeney point to level the game was class. Tipperary will give Cork a good game too.

But look it the footballers gave us a good season overall it's just a pity the way it ended. We have to look to next season now I hope Stephen Cahill and Paul White will come back from overseas they would be big additions to add to the panel, also whatever disagreement Billy Lee and Jim Liston had put it behind them because Jim Liston is too good a footballer not to have on the panel. Sean McSweeney is a real find this season we need to make sure he is kept on and not lose him to soccer because I saw him play a few times for Limerick FC he is a brilliant soccer player too. I seen our U20's earlier in the year from them I would be looking at James Molyneaux, Adam Shanagher, Craig Carew, Barry Coleman and Eoin O'Mahoney to make the step up to senior level.

For the future, the football academy is very good to teach tactics, game plans and game management to young lads but I would like them to nurture scoring forward talented when you see the point Conor Sweeney scored against us and Luke Connolly's point against Kerry, I don't think we have guys who can do that, the last real top class talented forward we had was Ian Ryan. Also I would like to see a few more tall lads developed for midfield for winning possession because I think you need both midfielders at least 6ft 3 you can play ball as well now for inter county level. All easier said than done I'll admit.

DUALSUPPORT (Limerick) - Posts: 714 - 09/11/2020 20:15:58    2306981