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Holloway Gaels V Taras

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Sunday 21st April saw Holloway Gaels take on Taras in what was set to be a tightly fought contest until the final whistle.
Holloway Gaels opened the score line with a lucky goal, duping the Taras goal keeper to hit the right hand corner of the net. Throughout the first 30 minutes there were some skilful displays of football from both sides. Taras hit home with 3 consecutive points showing this was going to be a tough contest. However Holloways Gaels soon replied with another goal hitting the back of the net from mid-fielder Ciara Mc Enestry. Before long corner forward Hannah Fahy hit home a third goal for Holloway Gaels to leave the score line at half time 3.03 - 1.03.
Taras opened the second half with two fine points from their skilful forward line. However it wasn't long before Holloways Gaels hit the back of the net with their fourth goal of the game from a superb Sheila Walshe. Taras fought to the final whistle, hitting home their second goal of the game along with some fine points. This however, was to be no match to the powerful Holloway Gaels side who fired home another two goals to securely seal their victory.
Final Score Holloway Gaels 6.07, Taras 2.09.

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