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Ah ya lads have to agree with you, t'was fair cold and nothing really to get warmed up about, I thought we were extremely poor in the forward division yesterday, the same failings and lack of movement and penetration was very evident, I thought our backs played reasonably good, in particular our half back line of Lyne, Young and Crowley, although they were caught for the goal that was about it, I though in midfield only Maher played well, Moran and in Particular Buckley were very poor, Maher was fighting a lone figure here, he has really come into his own since last year. He is very economical with the ball and ues it wisely. But of that starting 6 forwards, only being honest Paul Geaney is the only guaranteed starter… that might sound rough on Star and BJ Keane but truth be told the rest were below par with only maybe O'Brien ok might be in there or there about's.. Fitzgerald was out of his dept and I'm afraid as good as Donaghy is he has to move the body more than the mouth and then he might be getting somewhere… Sheehan was an obvious loss yesterday both from frees and winning the 50/50 ball but inside we were lacking…. Darran was no improvement…… does anyone know did Cooper play against Waterville.. or had he a wedding this weekend… either way it's a big one now Sunday… lose and we go down but good win and showing and we could still make a Semi. But we just can't get back to back good performances.. Dublin (good) Cork (bad), Donegal (good) and now Monaghan (bad)… on a good note Marc looks fresh….

Horsebox77 (Kerry) - Posts: 5004 - 30/03/2015 10:57:11    1708259


Ya horse Barry John has no composure, simple as that, if he went down on that ball instead of swiping at it he could have easily got a peno, he won't be a starter in championship and that's for sure, also on a day when we lacked scoring forwards why didn't Fitzy at least put Conor Keane and Conor cox on the bench I mean I like Tomas hickey but he's fierce light and only got 5 minutes. And ye Colm was at his sisters wedding Friday and didn't play for crokes at all.

KingdomBoy1 (Kerry) - Posts: 12171 - 30/03/2015 13:28:26    1708364


ya I didn't realise until this morning that we had 14 wides over the hour, 10 in the second half... that's fair bad... and worse Tyrone will be bulling after their defeat to Donegal... there is nothing they would like better than to send us packing esp considering the hiding we gave them in Killarney last year

Horsebox77 (Kerry) - Posts: 5004 - 30/03/2015 14:51:08    1708420


And that's a fact horse. Tyrone won't need any motivation and that's for sure.

KingdomBoy1 (Kerry) - Posts: 12171 - 30/03/2015 20:29:55    1708649


Well I've been to many a game in Austin Stacks but I never remember being so frozen stiff as I was yesterday. God almighty Kerry were rubbish, as bad as I've ever seen them at this time of year. Brought back memories of Cork last April or indeed probably the Cork game last month!!

Bar a 15 minute spell in the first half, Kerry simply didn't play. 0-5 up and cruising they conspired to lose an immanently winnable game. Fair play to Monaghan for coming down here and playing football and they deserved their win. But you can't tell me Kerry couldn't have beaten them if they played to their potential.

I know you lads are saying above its only the League and we have our share of injuries and bad luck but that doesn't excuse what we saw from Kerry yesterday. Barry John is just not good enough at this level, he has been on the scene for a few years now and shows no indication he can make the necessary step up. Two glorious goal chances and he messed them both up.

This Alan Fitzgerald did nothing and Donaghy just seemed to be stuck in mud all day. As you already said Kingdom Boy and Horse, no movement or dynamism from him. Kerry persisted in lobbing high balls into him when he was isolated by himself in the full forward position and able to do very little with them. Why was Walsh not thrown in alongside him for the last 10 minutes if high balls were going to be the strategy? Where was the support play from the rest of the half forwards and corner forwards, the amount of time one of the lads was left to carry the ball inside the Monaghan 45 without any support was shocking.

Ok the defense did ok, but the poverty of our attack was alarming. A massive crowd in Tralee and an opposition that was there for the taking in the first half and instead of getting a win to finally secure us a semi final for the first time in 3 years, we are now on our assess and in huge danger of making the drop!

Omagh is a hell of place to have to be going to get a win, especially given Tyrone's own predicament. You can be sure the Tyrone boys would play out of their skin if it meant sending Kerry down. Feck it anyway really really peed off about it all!!!!

TheHermit (Kerry) - Posts: 5927 - 30/03/2015 20:51:00    1708665


ah Hermit ya it was freezing and ya the performance was poor but this was a forward line missing 4 starters, O'Donoghue, Cooper, Donnachadh and quiet possibly Sheehan, throw in a Geaney who was our best forward until he went off injured, Donaghy I don;t know he was very poor yesterday but in saying that Vinny Corey is a very good player lads and we have to compare players to the opposition and being honest Monaghan are a very very good side... my only hope is Donaghy will be a better player if Cooper was pulling the strings outside and James was tagging off him, anyway back to yesterday as for ourselves if you have any ambition of making a semi final you quite simply have to win your home games... we lost to Monaghan and Mayo so that is just not good enough - for next Sunday a lot depends on fitness of injured players.. if fit Paul Murphy should resume at number 4 instead of Kilkenny, I actually agreed with the move of Lyne yesterday as we had no forward on the bench and he is versatile - that could be an option Sunday with Fionn to the wing and Lyne again to the forwards, or would he start Marc, up front Sheehan's fitness is crucial here otherwise I would move Buckley to the 40 and Lyne to the wing, I would also like to see Paul added to bench... 4 points from play last Saturday night for Finuge... I would persist with the same inside 3.. cos basicially there is nothing else available at the moment... on another note any word on Donnachadh.... no news or word is worrying... he is a mighty workhorse that we could have done with yesterday.

Horsebox77 (Kerry) - Posts: 5004 - 30/03/2015 21:27:27    1708682


The game on Sunday is gona be tough lads , now I have a degree in cute hoorism so I don't believe for 1 minute that mickey hartes team are gonna through that much of a crisis , the were probably training hard before the Donegal game like our selfs before Monaghan. Plus they wouldn't have wanted to show there hand before there championship meeting, so I expect a seriously hard match and I wouldn't be surprised if we don't get the point we need to stay up. We need Brian Sheehan we need geaney and both are a doubt, so that leaves Kieran o'leary daithi Casey Stephen O'Brien Alan fitz Tomas hickey donaghy and Barry John and maybe Mikey geaney , I can't see us getting a lot of scores out of them forwards. I'd like to see Conor Keane on the panel and Conor cox for frees. Hopefully Fitzy will leave Johnny lyne in the half back line.

KingdomBoy1 (Kerry) - Posts: 12171 - 01/04/2015 21:53:59    1709670


Hi Lads, I'm only just seen the team, I'm surprised Kelly has not kept his jersey, not on last Sundays display a hos kickouts were not the best in the second half but he needs game time, the best six backs at present have been picked and in fairness the back up here in on the bench with Fionn Fitz, Kilkenny and of course Marc is very strong, again I'd like to see Marc getting more game time, Midfield is our best partnership and is at this stage a well worked and cohesive unit of Maher & Moran, Glad to see Sheehan back, but Geaney is a loss on current form, again the bench here is very very strong, Cooper, Darran, Tommy and Paul.. jez what other counties wouldn't give... This game is ideal prep for championship, a semi or final would have bite but to go to Omagh looking for points is a good challenge ... lets hope all things go our way... hopefully, Gooch will grace our pitch again in the green and gold, I think his passing is key here to unlocking the potential in Donaghy or Tommy inside...

Horsebox77 (Kerry) - Posts: 5004 - 03/04/2015 16:02:08    1710204


Ya horse it'l be great to see gooch and gally back on the bench, hopefully they will see some game time. Are you heading up? I'm going up tomorrow and il be heading to Sally's tomorrow night so should be a bit of craic.

KingdomBoy1 (Kerry) - Posts: 12171 - 03/04/2015 20:44:42    1710305


Ya horse it'l be great to see gooch and gally back on the bench, hopefully they will see some game time. Are you heading up? I'm going up tomorrow and il be heading to Sally's tomorrow night so should be a bit of craic.

KingdomBoy1 (Kerry) - Posts: 12171 - 03/04/2015 20:45:36    1710306


Safe trip lads if yere heading, I was seriously debating it but its a hell of a round trip to make on one day, esp being Easter Sunday and all. Ah well hopefully we get the win and maybe Monaghan can do us a favour and we might have at least one more game to look forward to before the Championship.

TheHermit (Kerry) - Posts: 5927 - 04/04/2015 20:55:21    1710577


Job done, roll on the championship!

TheHermit (Kerry) - Posts: 5927 - 05/04/2015 21:11:00    1711022


Job done division 1 is the place to be for the younger up and coming players. Shame we missed out on a semi but on a real positive note what a site to see the gooch coming on. welcome back. Felt during the match yesterday tyrone were targeting our full back line with high balls and we struggled to deal with at times. Nothing against any of the full back line but i don't think they can dominate the square, high balls etc and i think teams are becoming more and more aware of this. I think the number 3 has to be looked at.

manintheterrace (Kerry) - Posts: 78 - 06/04/2015 08:35:38    1711076


Ya management have a lot to work on lads but that the way They would prefer to be going in to the championship, could you imagine if we won the league which I believe we could have done easily if we really wanted to we would have taught everything was dandy and it's not, as themanintheterrace said their our fullback line could be a lot tighter but we have lots of options with Marc Aidan but not fion, I think our full back line we have murph Marc griff and Mahoney and pa, in the half backs we have young Crowley lyne fion in midfield we have maher Moran bucks and Sheehan and tommy maybe , in the half forward line we got a choice of Darren Galvin Buckley Sheehan donnacha gooch Mikey geaney Stephen O'Brien , fullforward line we have donaghy JOD Paul geaney also tommy Walsh but not Barry John Keane , his race is run and time for him to move on and leve the likes of Conor Keane have a go. Selection headache for Fitzy but especially in goals , keally can't be the best goalkeeper in the county not by a long shot , diarmuid Murphy needs to cop on now and get us a proper keeper.

KingdomBoy1 (Kerry) - Posts: 12171 - 06/04/2015 17:11:46    1711324


Ok so league done and dusted, Kerry have consolidated their position in the Premier Division which is a necessity in my opinion to challenge for honest further down the track, one need quality games and opposition to identify strengths and weaknesses both tactically and player wise within the group. Have we unearthed any new players… sadly no, some fringe players were pushing the likes of Pa Kilkenny, BJ Keane and Jack Sherwood but in the heel of the hunt we are back to the same panel as last year with the three additions of Galvin, Cooper and Tommy Walsh. Usually by this time of the year one would have a fair grasp of say 12 or 13 of the starting 15 but when one has to consider that key players like Aidan O'Mahoney, James O'Donoghue, Donnachadh Walsh and I suppose Paul played no league games, Cooper got 12 minutes while Marc got the bones of 40 odd minutes between the Monaghan and Tyrone game and Darran got 2 halves while Kelly started one game against Monaghan, it is fairly hard and one but be pushed to pick a starting 15 come championship - the majority of teams I see being picked are being picked on past form the above highlights the insufficiencies regarding game time that some of our Key players have ….everyone is assuming that coper will be back to his best, or that Tommy will miraculously come alive.. people forget that Tommy was in and out of the team in 2009 but yes had a quality final against cork scoring 4 from play,

A few thing we have unfortunately failed to secure in the league, I have great time for Mark Griffin, but I personally feel he may be more suited to the half back line, he can be giddy in the tackle, we were exposed at times against Tyrone and Monaghan but in saying that he had an excellent game against Donegal on Michael Murphy. Does anyone know what the story is with Donnachadh and Aidan O'Mahoney… everyone I meet appears to have forgotton about Donnachadh Walsh but he is one player I think has really flourished under Cian O'Neills training.

Horsebox77 (Kerry) - Posts: 5004 - 07/04/2015 15:11:49    1711648


I see Kerry retaining their Division 1 status and the Gooch coming back like he never left has really unnerved the anti-Kerry brigade on the main page forum. Ff the likes of some of those Ulster and Dub posters spent more time supporting on their own counties and less time clogging the main forum with we hate Kerry bile, we might get some serious and interesting discussions going on there.

Anyway lads back to Kerry's League campaign? I think away from the prying eyes of the above on the main forum we can speak more plainly.

Reading the comments above you all seem relatively happy to just retain our division 1 status, I am too. What with having four home games, I was hoping we might make a strong push for the knockout stages, but considering the long year last year and the celebrations/injuries it was probably going to be tough to be consistently competitive this time of year. Plus we showed what we could do against Donegal, Dublin, Derry and in second half against Tyrone.

However, is anyone else disappointed overall in how Fitzmaurice seems to approach the League? There was an interesting piece about this in Examiner yesterday. I don't see why Kerry cannot be competitive in it. Surely playing games at the level of Division 1 is more beneficial than any amount of training sessions and shouldn't Kerry aim to try and play as many games as possible, esp considering the massive break the players now have until next time we see them in a Kerry jersey.

Jack O'Connor always took the competition seriously, and his record in League and Championship speaks for itself. I would be very disappointed if a League title was not made a priority next season. I think its something Kerry have been more than capable of landing if they had the right attitude towards it.

TheHermit (Kerry) - Posts: 5927 - 08/04/2015 18:30:32    1712210


Lads when is JOD Back ?

MonaghanGlory (Monaghan) - Posts: 702 - 08/04/2015 20:02:32    1712236