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What a game yesterday. I think a lot of people were surprised by the Kerry performance yesterday. If you read all the papers during the week we were on a hiding to nothing. I think it would be unfair not to say that the better team won but we could have snatched it. But where did it go wrong? I think there were a few turning points yesterday

1. Johnny Buckleys missed free just before half time. Gooch should have taken it. By his own standards he was poor yesterday. Maybe the occasion got to him. Our midfield was non existent in the 2nd half
2. Declan O Sullivans missed chance in the last few minutes. I think if this had gone over things may have been different. Declan did however have a very good game
3. 2 Kerry players going for the same ball which resulted in Kevin McManamans goal. This goal killed the game off.
4. Bringing Sherwood into the game. The man has barely played this year and have little or no experience at this level. 5 mins to go V Dublin in front of 81000 people with the sides level. What was Fitzmaurice thinking of?
5. Not being able to bring Sheehan into the game. I think Buckley would have been taken off early in the 2nd half if we had a fit Brian Sheehan to bring in.

Once again Tomas O Se played a blinder. The man is a machine. We will never again see the likes of him. Our unsung hero Donnacha Walsh was brilliant as well. His work rate is huge. I have no doubt though that a few players will retire - Tomas, Galvin, O'Mahony, Eoin Brosnan and possibly Marc. However the future is not all bad judging by some of the newcomers performances yesterday.

On another note, if there was ever a time for Donaghy to step up and show his worth, yesterday was his time. Yet again he let himself down. I cant figure out how a man of his height is constantly beaten in the air by a man 6-7 inches smaller than him. If Kerry insist on putting the big man in at 14 then put David Moran in there.

aidan64 (Kerry) - Posts: 575 - 02/09/2013 09:21:20    1472729


Disappointed ya, it was a game we could have won, but let slip away, I looked at the Clock at 66:25 gone and we were a point up, I was hoping we would just close out the game but we had already lost our shape and the Killer goal came soon after, as my colleague above said there was a few key moments or decisions that went against us, firstly I have to commend the team picked and they style that they played yesterday it was outstanding and a joy to watch. There were areas yesterday that did not function for what ever reason and unfort Buckley was one of them, I hate to say it after the mighty year he has had but maybe the occasion got to him but he will have many more good days ahead no doubt. The missed free before half time was costly, but I don't; understand how a game plan that was so effect and that had Dublin rattled and they were rattled even the "great" and "cool" Cluxton was at sea yesterday and his body language with his full back line was evident, but the game plan fast crisp low ball in hoping in front of the forward very effective, was changed with Donaghy's introduction, it was obvious someone like Curtin or Geaney who would run at the defence would be better suited, their speed against a back line on several yellow cards could have been better exploited. If Donaghy was to come in surely around the middle he should have been deployed, Sit Donnachadh central behind the midfield and put Kieran on the wing. Jack Sherwood too will have his day but it was premature on Fitz's part to place him in that position but I said previously our bench defence wise was limited.

Look apart from that it was a stunning game, one of the most enjoyable games in a long bit apart from the result, unfort I feel several of our star players may now vacate the throne as it were; if Mahoney, Paul, Brosnan, Tomas etc move on well then thanks lads I have had many enjoyable weekends in Cork and Dublin thanks to ye. There is however plenty to be positive to build on and with the County Championship I'd Imagine in 2 weeks hopefully 1 or 2 more players may step into the frame. I hope the Likes of Marc, Cooper and Declan will hold tough for at least another year as the basis is there going forward

Horsebox77 (Kerry) - Posts: 5002 - 02/09/2013 11:02:03    1472856


Well lads, a fantastic game of football and I think everyone is a still a bit shocked about what happened due to kerry experience being expected to win the day! The Corca Dhuibhne mĂșinteoir started back at school today with a heavy heart....the kids will suffer!!

Missing frees etc are not 'turning points' they are part and parcel of every game and happen both sides!.....The turning point was the outstretched right arm of Mick MacAuley whilst falling to earth to flick that ball on for McDangers goal! a level game that was the killer blow real 'turning point'!

It warmed the heart though to see such a game of football as displayed out there the way it should be played!
Anyway, well done lads and well played!


Snufalufagus....Laochra Gael

Snufalufagus (Dublin) - Posts: 8100 - 02/09/2013 11:56:29    1472937


Well Said Snuffy.

traleeexile (Kerry) - Posts: 732 - 02/09/2013 12:21:39    1472963


Great effort yesterday lads... football played as it should be.

Pericles (Mayo) - Posts: 2260 - 02/09/2013 12:44:10    1472999


Crowley played a blinder, nulified the threat from kilkenny!

as_ky (Kerry) - Posts: 535 - 02/09/2013 12:48:51    1473009


As_ky: yes he did Number 6 is def his best position, he look small in stature but he is about 6'1" and is well about to dip the shoulder, he has all the atributes for the centre going forward.

Horsebox77 (Kerry) - Posts: 5002 - 02/09/2013 12:56:04    1473016


I was expecting Donaghy to start the 2nd half at midfield Buckley was not in
the game Star would have been a big presence at midfield.Kerry should have stuck
to their game plan instead of kicking high balls into Donaghy. With a little bit
of luck in the first half Dublin could have 2 more goals.Tomas OSe was brilliant
Mark had a poor enough game on Brogan. Cant see Mayo beat them

wfkerry (USA) - Posts: 933 - 02/09/2013 14:42:42    1473160


Well done lads for a great effort yesterday. First fifteen minutes the best I've seen for a long time. I thought Mannion's goal was a gamechanger. Dublin were rattled at that stage and had he not brought them back into it Kerry could have pushed on and broken their already flagging spirit.

I hate to critisise the line as I have managed many teams myself but I simply cannot fathom the decision to substitute young Crowley with Sherwood at such a vital period in the game. From the moment he arrived on the pitch it was obvious the poor lad was out of his depth & not at the pace of the match.

dingle2 (Kerry) - Posts: 242 - 02/09/2013 15:15:34    1473202


Message of thanks to the fans of Kerry , as I put on a Dublin thread some of my best days at HQ were defeats to Kerry but the occasions were great , Id wondered for some years how you guys would react to a defeat at our hands , I got my answer in 2011 , yesterday reinforced it again , classy team , very classy supporters which I now know is in both victory and defeat . I salute you .

Damothedub (Dublin) - Posts: 5193 - 02/09/2013 15:52:42    1473262


Well said damo. Very dignified both in victory an defeat...

DUB1 (Dublin) - Posts: 5583 - 02/09/2013 18:07:51    1473420


Firstly congrats to any Dublin supporters stumbling in here to the Kerry section! Ye'll have to excuse our questioning of our team's misses, natural for any team after a defeat. The bottomline is the best team won.

On the game, from our point of view there has to be disappointment with the way the game slipped away from us. Declan missed a great chance to put us a point ahead. While Mannion's goal was great for Dublin, any Kerry man would have to say from our perspective, he shouldn't have been able to jump for the ball unchallenged. If Dublin were to score a goal at that stage, they should have been made work harder for it. Like the Cavan game, any ball launched into Star came to nothing. Dublin wisely had all their players hone in on him when a ball was kicked in and then broke out swiftly.

Still I don't want to dwell on that for too long. If ye look at Dublin's point scoring yesterday, it was awesome. We didn't really have a sustained spell of ticking points over, though in fairness when we were getting through on goal, there wasn't a need. Back to the county championship now. Going forward, it'll be interesting to see where this team goes from here.

legendzxix (Kerry) - Posts: 6261 - 02/09/2013 18:37:57    1473453


congrats to dublin on their win yesterday they will take some beating now in the final. was a little disapointed as it could have gone either way but at the same time was happy to see the young lads getting their chance finally in a big game it will help them big time in the future. Next year will be a big year for kerry and the future as yesterday definately will be the last we will see of the likes of tomas,brosnan,omahoney and galvin. I am not being cruel by no means but the young lads will have to be thrown in there from the start and get some good experience it doesnt matter wheather we go to div. 2 or not it wont make any difference. We still have a good nucleus of players the likes of gooch,the 2 sullivans, donnacha walsh (who was outstanding yesterday ) mark,sheahan,killian and maher, plus the young lads griffin,fitzgerald,crowley and odonnoghue . we all remember what happened in the late eighties when we lost a lot of players as they didnt get a chance and it took ten years to get back winning but this time I know the players are there and its up to Eamon now to give more young lads a chance. We cannot be looking behind us after a couple of league games and saying when is so and so coming back let him experiment all he wants and give the likes of gooch,mark ose and declan a break.

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