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Major shock?

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Eoin Liston tweeted earlier: "Hearing major shock on the way re Kerry Team" @EoinListon

Anyone know more?

PortInFaithful (Offaly) - Posts: 472 - 03/07/2013 12:45:09    1422606


Senior player has been dropped with a relatively new lad in ......... not a major shock!

Ciarrai Abu (Overseas) - Posts: 1050 - 03/07/2013 12:51:58    1422621


Already being discussed on the Munster Final thread.

Cute_Kerry_Hoor (Kerry) - Posts: 2518 - 03/07/2013 12:52:24    1422622


.....this 'shock' is a whole 2 years too late!!....while the tactic that secured his position was rumbled, effectively counteracted and scuppered about 5 years ago while the kerry management stayed in denial and still believed they had a 'ace' in the pack here for many a long year until now!!!


Snufalufagus....Laochra Gael

Snufalufagus (Dublin) - Posts: 8100 - 03/07/2013 18:04:27    1423103