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In my opinion, Tomas O Se is the best defender Kerry have had for the last 20 years. Thats a bold statement to make considering the likes of his brother Marc and Seamus Moynihan have been around within that time. It will be a sad day for Kerry football when he does decide the hang up his boots (which I think may be at the end of this year)

Does anyone else agree?

aidan64 (Kerry) - Posts: 575 - 17/04/2013 16:10:24    1369274


Without question, we have had some serious players, tom o Sullivan, Marc, Moynihan, but my favorite player regardless of position is Tomas .

westkerry (Kerry) - Posts: 1226 - 17/04/2013 17:33:36    1369331


Tomas O'Se is the greatest back Kerry have produced. He gives each game his heart and soul and would run through brick walls for his county. Id say Tomas's blood is green and gold. The joy the man has given us is immense. A true legend in the gaelic football world.

kerry74 (Kerry) - Posts: 1354 - 17/04/2013 19:43:19    1369400


I just think of the backs we have produced that I have had the pleasure of witnessed playing, Donie O'Sullivan, Tim Kennelly, Paudie, John O'Keeffe, Eamon Breen, Flaherty, Seamus Moynihan, Marc, Tom Sullivan, McCarthy, the three best I have witnessed were, Paidi, Seamus and Paudie Lynch who was so versitile. Tomas I would rate in this group. Heart and soul Kerry, like Moynihan and Paidí a one off. He has everything every single quality one looks for a a player, he ticks all the boxes. A pleasure to have seen play.

Horsebox77 (Kerry) - Posts: 5004 - 17/04/2013 21:17:20    1369455


In my thoughts Tomas o Se is real class act he has everything , can read a game so well , can take a score running from defence , in full flight he is a pleasure to watch the way he toe taps the ball is class He will also take the game to the edge every time just a pity he was not beside the Dublin goal scorer in 2011 all ireland. Would say he would of had another all ireland in back pocket

topdownfan (Down) - Posts: 555 - 18/04/2013 10:16:15    1369554


Speaking to some of the older followers up here and they were surprised that Sean Murphy was not mentioned.

dirra2 (Mayo) - Posts: 181 - 18/04/2013 16:58:44    1369937


Tomas O'Se truly is a superb defender. He is an essential part of Kerry's success in the last 15 years.

mikeyjoe (USA) - Posts: 409 - 26/05/2013 13:47:22    1391399


2 more points for the great man Saturday.

Cute_Kerry_Hoor (Kerry) - Posts: 2518 - 04/06/2013 10:04:36    1398154