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Improvement Ideas Post Lockdown ?

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Replying To Pope_Benedict:  "'jenny Park' would certainly put the fear of God into oppositions surely, to borrow the old Paul O'Connell reference."
Lol, bloody spellchecker

Galway9801 (Galway) - Posts: 386 - 10/03/2021 19:41:10    2333837


Some good classic Galway viewing on Sunday if you have the channel:

eir Sports 2
7pm: Galway v Kildare, 1998 All-Ireland SFC semi-final

The 1988 All-Ireland SFC Final saw Kildare managed by Mick O'Dwyer in their first decider since 1935, while Galway were looking for their first Sam Maguire victory in 32 years.

eir Sports 2

8.30pm: Galway v Meath, 2001 All-Ireland SFC final

The 2001 All-Ireland SFC Final saw Meath back in the decider for the second time in three years, against a Galway team who came through the newly-introduced qualifiers.

eir Sports 2

10pm: Cork v Galway, 1990 All-Ireland SHC final

The 1990 All-Ireland SHC final saw Cork looking for the first part in what would be an historic double.

togoutlads (Galway) - Posts: 350 - 12/03/2021 12:01:12    2333970