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We are starting a new club at the moment. We have players gone to other clubs at underage levels over the last number of years. If we have enough interest , we will start an U12 or U14 team as part of our club. What generally happens to those girls currently gone to other clubs to play U12 / U14 ? They didn't have the option of playing for their natural "Home Club" as it didn't exist until now. I can see that some girls will want to stat in their new "adopted" clubs (which is fine), and some girls will want to "come home" to be part of their own club (where their brothers / parents have always played).

So, is it normal for this to happen when a new club starts ? I'd be afraid of causing grief with our neighboring clubs that have (thankfully) being very willing up to now to take girls from our area to allow them play football. Those same clubs may well be working with us on amalgamations in future for different teams.

any advice greatly appreciated....


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