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All-Ireland Football Championship 2015

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If Fermanagh had have scored by the number of wides they had, then Dublin would have been knocked out of the championship. So a lesson there for the Dubs whom the media seemed to praise more than they deserve!! Next up Mayo to whack Donegal! And Monaghan to whack Tyrone!

WestRules (Galway) - Posts: 253 - 02/08/2015 18:57:21    1762650


As a dub. I have to say that the Fermanagh fans and players were superb. They both kept going until full time.

gormdubhgorm (Dublin) - Posts: 990 - 02/08/2015 19:14:25    1762667


I don't usually comment on other county's forums but I have to make an exception...
I was in Croke Park today and I really wanted to leave at half time in the Fermanagh game but thankfully I was persuaded to stay!

Fermanagh players and supporters were brilliant today. The fans stuck with the team, the team kept playing and it was great to watch. Not many teams leave Croker with their heads held high after playing Dublin. So fair play to Fermanagh all round.

Cherno_Samba (Louth) - Posts: 632 - 02/08/2015 19:20:25    1762676


Yeah fair play lads! hopefully you give ulster a right crack next year. Narrowly beaten by the champions monaghan this year so you ain't that far away.

Jack_Goff (Meath) - Posts: 2920 - 02/08/2015 21:00:17    1762780


Well done lads, great year for ya's. As a Down man a special well done to Pete McGrath, hope you give us him back some time soon.But seriously, congratulatiuons - a great year for Fermanagh football

dabiglad (Down) - Posts: 155 - 04/08/2015 09:54:09    1763513