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Evolution Of The GAA

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Is it just me are has gaa changed a lot since the early 2000s, For a sport that had not really changed since it was founded in 1884, there seems to be changes every other year now.
Some of the changes i like such as the back door system which we have made good use of. The goalkeepers kicking of a tee. The moving of the penalty spot forward. I like the idea the of hawk eye but think it should only be used for the league finals and for the super 8s as it is only in croke park that has it.
I have been enjoying the super 8s but this system is designed for the bigger counties to win like dublin and kerry that have big populations and can carry a big squad that has quality on the bench. You might be able to beat a big team once on your day and they are having a off day but to repeat that trick is a big ask for a small county (but if you want to win you have to beat them at some stage though).
Some of the changes i have been less pleased about like the black card which i know others or not happy about like Oisin McConville, it stops the refs having to make a hard decision. The prices of tickets are getting to exoensive for an amuter sport.
Some of the rules are out dated like managers not getting paid, we all know they are getting paid but its like an on going joke within the gaa.
Would not be surpised if they tryied to introduce the sinbin again, i hope not. I would like to them introduce a rule that states the ball has to go forward from free kicks. Maybe would like a see a sideline ball be worth 2points as it is a dying art within them the game.

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