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Proposed New league format

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Can anyone explain what the new format will look like? I have only heard anecdotal information. What would it mean for the club players and what is the clubs buy into the new format?

mhaith_fear (Donegal) - Posts: 75 - 22/10/2015 14:01:17    1801254


Has the new league format been approved and what will we have exactly if it is approved?

GAA_DISASTER (Donegal) - Posts: 18 - 16/11/2015 15:50:46    1807620


The new league structures, if any, will be decided at the Regulations meeting on the 30th Nov. The main proposals from the last forum were

1. Leave the leagues exactly as they are. This gives you 18 league matches and min 3 championship matches.

2. Have Div 1 Senior Championship teams only. Div 2 Intermediate teams only and Div 3 Junior teams only. Teams can gain promotion/relegation based on their final league standings. This gives you 15 league matches and min 3 championship matches.

3. The top 15 teams, based on this years final league standings will make up Div 1. The next 15 would make up Div 2 and the final 9 would be Div 3. This gives you 14 league matches and min 3 championship matches.

As far as I can see the main problem, Star Matches, still remains. Teams that are in contention for promotion or relegation will not want to play without their county players.

donegaldouble (Donegal) - Posts: 272 - 17/11/2015 12:42:08    1807895


Star games are currently capped to 4 star games. The number of star games should be based on how many rounds of the championship Donegal progress too. So if Donegal reach an all Ireland final clubs would play 7/8 star games, if they get knocked out early then clubs would may only play 2-3star games. Star fixtures should be planned as a provincial star games for the weekend prior or on the county is fixtured to play. Star games should also be weighted to match up clubs with similar number of county players to be played as early as possible. Planning should account for all ireland backdoor route as well.

TirChonaillAbu (Donegal) - Posts: 45 - 20/11/2015 08:18:17    1808614


They can make all the proposals they want and agree them, but if clubs don't want to play games when fixed there useless! Clubs with county players veto everything and they get backed by delegates at meetings who in most cases haven't a club about what's going on in their club and are blinded by the bright lights of county football and footballers and couldn't give a toss about their own club footballers at all. Clubs need to take control of fixtures and that's the majority of clubs not the minority who at the minute call the shots. And this craic of clubs with Players sitting on the bench with county teams getting matches off needs to stop, its demoralising to club players when theirs a game not being played because a player on the bench with the county and their club wont field without them and every one in the street knows at least 10 of the county panel are just making up numbers and haven't a hope of making a start in the inter county senior championship! The scant regard shown to the club player is ridiculous here in Donegal and some preach the club is the bedrock of our association!

PastandPresent (Donegal) - Posts: 345 - 21/11/2015 14:03:25    1808858


County players are essentially playing for 2 different clubs, their county and their club side. This is the problem and the quicker we realise that there is no way around this despite all the proposals and changes year in year out the better. Until county players become county players only, we will have this chronic issue. Not necessarily for the entire season, maybe 3/4 months of the year and in that period club games continue as normal. Another aspect of this is that the inter county seasons needs to and should be reduced.

Siddhartha (Donegal) - Posts: 9 - 23/11/2015 13:53:42    1809244


K.Cassidy nailed it today in GL about leagues and decision being made.

PastandPresent (Donegal) - Posts: 345 - 26/11/2015 13:45:09    1810035


Was anyone at the Regulations meeting on Monday? Heard there is no change to the league. Was there much discussion about any alternatives?

donegaldouble (Donegal) - Posts: 272 - 02/12/2015 13:26:22    1811049


So are the leagues staying the same?
I see they have done away with the promotion and relegation playoffs at least, 2 up and 2 down simple as that

GAA_DISASTER (Donegal) - Posts: 18 - 11/12/2015 11:45:04    1812628


That promotion playoff was a joke for years and it's about time it was done away with.
For starters it's an unnecessary extra fixture in an already overcrowded calendar.

I also think it's very unfair on teams who have battled hard all year in the lower divisions to get promoted. Take Carndonagh this year for example. They finished second in Div 4 but then went weeks without a game before their playoff with Newton. Newton had been obviously training hard and getting good competitive action in their Intermediate run. So it was always going to be an uphill task for the Carn lads.

2 up and 2 down simple as is the way to go.

Lockjaw (Donegal) - Posts: 7398 - 14/12/2015 11:16:55    1812890