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Every year a team represents Donegal in ulster and before they get to lift Dr.Magurie a county board member will always say we hope they give ulster a rattle. What I don't understand is why they then give no support to the team representing them. Naomh Coanill play in the ulster QF on the 1st of November but between now and then a lot of players have two games to play. we have the all Ireland gaeltacht this Saturday and then we play the u21 QF on Monday so for our young players they'll be forced to play three games in 8 days. I just feel clubs don't get the support to actually give ulster club a proper rattle.

naomh_conaill_4 (Donegal) - Posts: 392 - 22/10/2015 12:19:24    1801210


Totally agree, it is madness that young players should be expected to play 3 games in the space of a week. Glenties should be given every opportunity to progress in the Ulster club championship and best of luck to them.

JimTheLegend (Donegal) - Posts: 247 - 22/10/2015 12:47:07    1801216


Ah stop gurning, it could be worse you could be like a lot of clubs no games to play and out of all competitions! The Gaeltacht competition is not the County board affairs its Ardara and the coiste naisunta who fixed this date! Don't spoil your county title making it yous v the county board. Get on with your games and enjoy your days in the sun!

PastandPresent (Donegal) - Posts: 345 - 22/10/2015 12:49:08    1801218


naomh_conaill_4, Dual clubs play 2 games in 2 days, you dont hear them giving out, Burt for one had 4 games in 8 days 3 football and 1 Hurling 2 weeks ago with about 11 players playing all 4 games, 3 football league game's were top of the table game's and and ulster Hurling Semi Final. Just saying like

Wee_Buns (Donegal) - Posts: 830 - 22/10/2015 13:48:53    1801249


Predictions for this weekend?

Naomh Ultan - Templeport Naomh Ultan

Bundoran - Clann Eireann Clann Eireann

Naomh Conaill - Trillick Naomh Conaill

Lockjaw (Donegal) - Posts: 7398 - 28/10/2015 13:24:26    1802609


I think all three will struggle in Ulster, Glenties with the extra game in the Gaeltacht might just give them the edge v Trillick but its going to be tight.

PastandPresent (Donegal) - Posts: 345 - 29/10/2015 17:06:01    1802943


I think both Glenties and Trillick are very similar in how they set up. I think Glenties have the better players though and should run out 5+winners.
Havent seen enough of the other teams to make a prediction but will go with all home wins!! Purely out of loyalty.

donegaldouble (Donegal) - Posts: 272 - 30/10/2015 12:34:57    1803089


Glenties were a bit unlucky yesterday - had a great second half pulling back a 6pt deficit at one stage. A.Thompson was very stupid in getting sent off - for a player of his experience! Brick's injury was also a big setback so early in the game. Didn't understand why Dara Gallagher didn't start - he was excellent in the second half. Trillick have some very pacy players, particularly up front. They will give anybody trouble.

mako (Donegal) - Posts: 27 - 02/11/2015 10:59:01    1803664


How did Thompson get himself sent off? That was massive blow as he had great game in county final. Not seen highlights but from what I have read on game Naomh Connaill can count themselves unlucky not to get a draw.

panamasam (Australia) - Posts: 2649 - 02/11/2015 11:15:25    1803676


Tony Thompson got sent off for a headbutt he didn't connect with the player but he did attempt it so a stone wall red card in my eye. the game changer for me wasn't the red card or the missed free at the end it was in the first 10-13 mins a high ball went in between brick and his marker and the ref gave a free out in my eye it was a free out brick was just to strong for his marker and if the ref had of played on the game could have been totally different as it would have been all level at that point 1-2 each.

Apart from that I think the ref had a great game and as for Trilick I think they have some great team spirit and play very good as a team but I do believe we made an average team look good yesterday.

naomh_conaill_4 (Donegal) - Posts: 392 - 02/11/2015 12:41:02    1803709


Well playing majority of game with 14 men was never gonna help regardless of how ye made them look.

panamasam (Australia) - Posts: 2649 - 02/11/2015 13:50:32    1803740


Well done to Bundoran on reaching the Ulster intermediate final, great achievement for such a small club. I see from previous posts not many gave them a hope but well done and goodluck in the final

crnm (Donegal) - Posts: 91 - 16/11/2015 09:15:29    1807506