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I have asked our County chairman why he doesn't insist on having all games in Ballybofey, something btw he agrees with. he said it was a historical agreement and he wasn't going to change in his last year.
Having games in Ballyshannon is ridiculous. If it rains at all, most of the crowd are drowned. We do have a good record there but I firmly believe if we had those games in Mac Cumhaill Park we would have an even more impressive record for Ballybofey. I honestly dont know why we have a bad record in LK. Pitch is good and the stand etc are top notch. But its not working there so why persist.
Look at the furore over Dublin playing all their games in Croke Park. Everybody says it gives them an advantage, and it does. Now look at us moving games around the county because of historical reasons. This is nuts. Kildare,Galway and all the other teams should be sh***ing themselves coming to Ballybofey. As it stands, teams that get us away dont know where they will play us. We don't know ourselves. It should be, Kildare get Donegal away, damm we have to go to Ballybofey to get a result!
I'm sick bleating on about this but wherever our home pitch is, we should play ALL games on it, all the time. I have not heard of one football reason why the games should be spread about. None.

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