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Gyffes cheers for your information on the above and your more then welcome on here anytime. I feel your own county have a great chance this year.

If it is going to be a Dublin Kerry semi final then whoever wins that might be prime for beating by Mayo in the final if ye manage to get through the other side of the draw.Certainly for us to beat the dubs we need to have all our top players available to us.

I think alot of discussion has been on how to stop the dubs but if we focus on our own strengths and let them worry about us then we do have a chance. Teams generally in recent years find it tough the year after winning Sam but Dublin do have a superb panel of players and I dont think hunger will be an issue with them.

If we dont manage to beat em this time then the timing couldnt be better for Mayo to get one over the dubs in the final.

Best of luck for the year ahead.

KY4SAM2015 (Kerry) - Posts: 875 - 14/04/2016 15:37:35    1845606


Replying To mikeenwhitehead:  "Congrats to our Kerry boys on the win and yes the mayo boys are really super but that is no surprise as I had great Mayo mates in London during the
sixties the grandest lads you could ever meet real sports men ( the Glavies Peter and Tom, Jim Lydon, Jim O'Brien and Eddie browne) we used to meet around Craven park getting the bus to the Galty I often wonder and would love to know where they are now ?"
Mickeen I was talking to one of your friends today and he says he remembers the number 266 bus went to Edgeware and the number 260 to Finchley. He lives in Artane and would be delighted if you got in touch. His unusual surname means he shouldn't be too hard to find in the phone book. Sorry for the intrusion Kerry lads.

Llaw_Gyffes (Mayo) - Posts: 1113 - 19/11/2016 17:13:13    1935486


I want to thank you so much for all your help but you wont believe it, I was up in Dublin recently at my daughters who introduced me to one of her friends who turned out to be Jim Lydons niece and I met his brother who are friends of Tom Glaveys and they are going to send me their contact numbers.
Best Regards, Mike

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