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U21 Footbll Championship

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Three quarter finals down for decision seems Miltown V Breckans looks the pick of the games as it is the most evenly balanced. Breckans still fancied though with a few points to spare. Any thoughts on how this competion will pan out? Is a Cratloe V Ennistymon final a foregone conclusion?

Banner.Abu (Clare) - Posts: 92 - 30/06/2011 14:05:47    971597


Who gives a twopence how it fares out with all respect to you Banner Abú. With the standard of county football
in Clare year after year by our Seniors in the league and championship and the false dawns by underage teams
one should be ashamed to be talking up clare club competitions never mind the intercounty teams!
Follow the hurling at least the underage teams are providing hope for the future of the Seniors who are not
out of it yet until Saturday anyway. More than can be said about football! Give it up not worth it!

Dalcassian2 (Clare) - Posts: 40 - 30/06/2011 14:59:33    971684