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well steel how we now after clare losing and limerick getting promoted next time you start taking potshots at limerick keep an eye on your own team

Kenlim (Limerick) - Posts: 864 - 11/04/2010 21:46:28    614415


Kenlim we dont know when we are beaten. We will give ye the game of yer lives yet come the summer! Anyways
ye havent a hope of making the football breakthrough like Clare did in 1992! Tipp have a better chance loosers!

steel (Clare) - Posts: 694 - 12/04/2010 10:41:10    614543


ya right your are deluded if you think tipp can beat bout kerry and cork

Kenlim (Limerick) - Posts: 864 - 12/04/2010 14:02:54    614863


Tip already beat kerry in the Munster u21 football final in kerrys own backyard in Tralee! Did you hear about it at all??
You would want to do some research Kenlim you havent a clue about GAA!

steel (Clare) - Posts: 694 - 13/04/2010 11:15:26    615803


how dare you say that i have no clue about the gaa, i know a lot better than you do as a matter of fact i did hear that tipperary beat kerry in the u21 (fair play to tipp on an excellent achievement and well deserved by all accounts) but you should realise there is a massive difference between playing intercounty senior and u21, to expect tipperary to beat both kerry and cork is unrealistic in my estimation would make their day if they beat kerry but to beat both kerry and cork??? in space of few weeks you and i both know that limerick will be favourites to get to final from other side admit it why dont you
ps stop coming on limerick forum

Kenlim (Limerick) - Posts: 864 - 16/04/2010 15:52:28    619648



I wouldnt bother wasting my breath replying to that Luder steel. He hasnt a clue. I would say that you will have your work cut out in the League final, Waterford are very impressive outfit that will go far. If you beat them, which there is a good chance, it would be a very good result for Limerick. Clare have a lot to do before they get to that standard, but hopefully in the coming years they will. Best of luck in the final anyway

clarefootball92 (UK) - Posts: 76 - 16/04/2010 21:19:15    620013


cheers clarefootballer92 ya waterford deserve their shot at croke park been unlucky in the last few years there is talent in the county sure they won the munster u21 in 2004 i think so it all coming to pass now hopefully they can kick on from there now make munster more competitive pity that john kiely wasnt around as he was the man that laid that foundations for that team good luck to clare as well been a good year for ye even though ye missed out on promotion butat least kilmurry kept the flag flying i was delighted that tubridy got player of months shows that so called 'weaker' counties have talented players who deserve to be recognised for their commitment and effort to the cause

Kenlim (Limerick) - Posts: 864 - 16/04/2010 22:03:44    620074


Steel where are you???? hopefully gone back into your hole

freetaker1 (Limerick) - Posts: 744 - 03/05/2010 11:41:28    636183


Ah hel stay quite for a week or two now, licking his wounds, and then all of a sudden hel come up with the biggest load of bull that was ever read just to drive people off the head, sure he was the very same after Limerick beating the u21s in the football in their own backyard, hes only any good for taking cheap shots because he hasnt a clue about GAA when it comes down to it.

waitingsince73 (Limerick) - Posts: 188 - 04/05/2010 13:44:00    637208


I will stay quiet till Cork/Tipp hammer limerick more than limerick suffered even against Dublin in the league and against Tipp
in the all ireland semi final last year! Then I will have a party to celebrate and oh gaa supporters its going to be on live
on tv. Lets hope its on TV3 so that some fans may mistakenly miss it to save limericks embarrasement! hheee
We may loose against waterford in June 7th but whatever bad the defeat will be it wont be worse than 6-30!
and it wont be against Dublin it will be against a top tier hurling county, no disrespect to Dublin either
they are going well .

steel (Clare) - Posts: 694 - 11/05/2010 15:28:52    643802


Hi Steel. Your always on about yere respect and all that 'auld' stuff for Tipperary, how come i saw no sign of you, or indeed any Clare men, congratulating the Premier county on their magnificent success last Sunday. I am never one to rise a hare but i noted that a local Kilkenny tabloid paper carried a heading which boldly stated 'SPLENDID YOUNG CATS SEE OFF POOR CLARES'. I felt was most disrespectful of the dalcasians fine efforts

Oldtourman (Limerick) - Posts: 2430 - 08/09/2010 19:56:08    769294