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What's gone wrong with Clare hurlers?

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its a decent club championship alright, when you see a newly promoted club like clonlara winning the senior title at their first year at senior.
doesn't say much for the rest of the senior teams in clare. you say there isn't much between lk and clare. there will be next year. a division.
limerick nhl div 1. clare nhl div. 2. and will be there for 2 or 3 years.

POD09 (Limerick) - Posts: 486 - 21/04/2009 23:43:07    264762


Clon did win the munster intermediate championship in 08 and have a lot of excellent young players minor and U21. I think we have not seen the last of them. Not a bad reflection at all to have such a club lifting the Canon. Would have won Lk no bother I reckon.

As for using the league as a barometer of form did lk not have to play offaly in nenagh recently to avoid the drop ?? We just haven`t been given that opportunity.

Typical LK ............... live on in delusion.

Dalcassian (Clare) - Posts: 71 - 22/04/2009 12:48:02    265089


limerick play offaly in nenagh to avoid the drop.
how many years are you going back now then. live in the present and clare have serious problems and the sooner ye
admit it ,the faster ye'll get over 'em. clare reply on the same olde boys every year, is there any good talent in the banner at all.
you mentioned clonlara have a good youthful team, how many are on the clare team/panel, is it politics or just not good enough in
mike mc's eyes.

POD09 (Limerick) - Posts: 486 - 22/04/2009 23:57:43    265846


Only one clon man made the panel Conlon. He was started against Dublin but completely out of position.

I do have great respect for Mike Mac but his creed is physicalty. The Clon team like to hurl and probably didn`t fit into the "run them into the ground" regime. Politics also at play i would reckon. Clon need to lift the Canon again to get some respect.

That Play-off was not too long ago 2 years or so from memory.

Dalcassian (Clare) - Posts: 71 - 23/04/2009 10:53:27    266007


Colin Lynch

What a man, a warrior, supreme mid-fielder for Clare in our Golden Age.

The crowd loved him always stood up for the weaker and younger lads on his team, his likes will not be around for a long time again.

A really humble lad, bore the 98 shambles with massive dignity, never whinged,or gave an interview.

He is now a very good coach at underage will surely surface with a Clare team again.

Thank you Colin

clooney (Clare) - Posts: 569 - 23/04/2009 12:04:30    266117


Do you feel that Anthony Daly jumped ship so he could stay in the top flight?

dubbaru (Dublin) - Posts: 21 - 23/04/2009 19:14:37    266696


"dubbaru - Do you feel that Anthony Daly jumped ship so he could stay in the top flight? "

Daly didn't jump ship. He wasn't involved with the Clare setup when he took up the offer to train Dublin. I felt that he did a good job with clare when he was over them a few year ago, and hopefully Dublin will continue to improve under him for the next few seasons. The sport really needs a few new teams to be competing with the kilkennys of this world and a good Dublin team will do wonders for the game

Roashter (Clare) - Posts: 238 - 24/04/2009 08:32:44    267033


The Clare hurlers have just got old. Time for some young blood to come thru.

blueandgold (Tipperary) - Posts: 138 - 24/04/2009 16:53:40    267506


Thanks for your insight Ro but it will be a long time before a Dublin team can seriously compete in the top flight no matter how much talent we buy in.

dubbaru (Dublin) - Posts: 21 - 28/04/2009 15:09:59    270287