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Loughgiel beatable or are they

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As a fan of all things good in Antrim hurling and not having as far to travel as some I went to Birr last weekend because I couldnt resist the idea of the A I champions playing classy southern opposition in a top 8 knockout out format. If a team was to take this seriouly I couldnt think of better preperation for a tilt at a county title. Loughgiel must have thought the same because what I witnessed can be described in one word "AWESOME". They played 3 games on route to winning the competition the best of which for me was the semi-final against Dunloys "nemesys" (look it up boys) the mighty Birr. A word of warning to all would be pretenders to Loughgiels Antrim crown your preperation is going to have to be good because there is a red+white express train coming down the tracks and its going to take a lot of stopping.
I know you will all agree, especially our very measured+knowledgeable contributers from Dunloy who will be delighted to see that Loughgiel finally got to play+beat one of "The Good Teams". Its an unbelievable coinsidence that none of "The Good Teams" entered the championship in either 1983 or 2012 but after the weekend I am sure of one thing one of "The Good Teams" have entered this year, they are red+white and hail from north Antrim.
P S Congrats to Loughgiel U14s who also had a great tournament and were narrowly beaten by a big Wexford team (What are they feeding them on down there)

thetallgypsy (Antrim) - Posts: 97 - 31/07/2012 21:24:04    1235155


Why when someone from loughguile posts something Dunloy always have to be mentioned now you say you beat Birr but i dont think they are the team that they used to be when they dominated the all ireland series and the word you wanted the Dunloy boys to look up is actually spelt "nemesis"

Toyboy (Antrim) - Posts: 8 - 31/07/2012 21:54:44    1235210


Loughgiel will start the championship as red hot favourites,
Obviously the best team in Antrim having won the All Ireland, won the Feis cup, the Armoy tournament and that friendly competiton they have both the form and the quality to win the championship, and to win it well!

I think you'll find I congratulated them on their success, I didn't expect it, but alot of their players improved dramatically over the winter, they changed their style of hurling and are a better team for it! Many of their supporters are better losers than they ever will be winners and remain fascinated with rubbing it into Dunloy, perhaps that's because we had nearly 2 decades at the very top, but even the most ardent Dunloy supporter will confess we will have to play really well TP remain competitive over the next few years!

As for your initial question, not that I believe you actually wanted a truthful answer, but yes of course they are beatable, Portumna haven't won Galway in 2 years but remain the best 15 in te west, very few teams in hurling able to match a crossmaglen style dominance

kautostar (Antrim) - Posts: 71 - 01/08/2012 09:04:07    1235237


They are when they wear Saffron

Topa_the_left (Antrim) - Posts: 250 - 01/08/2012 12:35:43    1235422


Loughiel will not be beaten in Antrim this year. There is nobody with enough quality to beat them come CHAMPIONSHIP hurling. They are a brilliant team with quality all over the park. The nearest opponent is Cushendall, who have some good players but not enough, then probably St. Galls and Ballycastle both of whom would fall a good bit short!! Roll on this Sunday when the championship begins, although Loughiel should beat Rossa handy!!!

altview (Antrim) - Posts: 114 - 01/08/2012 12:42:42    1235427


seeing as the orgional poster of the thread obviously wanted to have a constant dig at dunloy i will not waste time or my typing ability on them.

the main thread question - are they beatable?

yes they are but it will take a good performance from anyone to beat them on the day. i have watched a handfull of their games this year and i am impressed with the way they play. they move it aound alot and take scores when it makes sense rather than hit and hope. they are strong defensively and have , in my opinion, the best keeper in the country.

but can we beat them? of course we can. no dunloy person will ever fear loughgiel, no matter how good they are. a derby game and a fierce local rivarly? who the hell counld raise their game for that! im quietly confident that we can do it this year, others here will laugh at us and have patheitic digs at us but i see the ability and young team that we have and see alot hope for the future.

who else could beat them? cushendall. quality team and one who i think could win it.

Dunloyrealist (Antrim) - Posts: 498 - 02/08/2012 13:30:09    1236359


Digs flying out at dunloy but yes loughgiel are beatable but im quietly confident our boys can beat them when it counts. Loughgiel will be in the final no doubt about that but i just think that if dunloy and cdall win their quater finals who ever wins the semi could scalp the shamrocks.

Dunloy2012 (Antrim) - Posts: 96 - 02/08/2012 13:52:18    1236396