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South Down and Fingal experiment

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What do the esteemed posters think of the idea of a Belfast City hurling team competing in the national league like South Down and Fingal do at the moment, it could be made up of intermediate and junior teams as a way of boosting the profile of hurling in the city. Do you think it'd benfit Antrim hurling? Has the South Down or Fingal set up helped hurlng in the repective counties and is there any avenue for a player to move up to the full senior county side?

pest_from_west (Antrim) - Posts: 27 - 21/05/2011 16:08:05    936374


I'd say go for it, sounds like a good idea

jesusjones (Antrim) - Posts: 385 - 21/05/2011 17:34:40    936431


No money = No chance

Iardheisceart (Antrim) - Posts: 71 - 22/05/2011 12:52:04    936755


It certainly has nt helped Down hurling because most of the South Down hurlers seem to prefer the comfort of playing at that level rather than pushing for the senior panel. but who knows it might revitalise the junior clubs in Belfast

jeremiah (Down) - Posts: 322 - 22/05/2011 13:50:03    936802


South Down was run better this year as the age profile of the team was more realistic to that of a development team rather than an over 40's competition and that's what its meant to be.
It's true that there are lads who should be on the full senior team playing for them and that's a shame, whether they can't give the commitment or can't be bothered I can't say, but I'd bring in a rule that if you are invited onto the full senior team and refuse then you're automatically ruled out of the south Down team.

Fingal failed to field in at least one game so there might be a place instead of them if they're booted out!

IMO there are too many small clubs in the Antrim part of Belfast with a handful of good hurlers playing alongside the beer bellied brigade out for a bit of social hurling and that's why I think it was a pity that no real effort was made at the south Antrim team in the championship a few years back.

With all these full time Belfast coaches doing the rounds throughout Ulster, city hurling should be much better, but also hurling is played on green grass, not power point slide shows.

bricktop (Down) - Posts: 2459 - 23/05/2011 10:38:00    937422


Although a lot of Belfast clubs have hurling teams there are actually only a few decent hurling teams in the city. I think even among these clubs the standard has not improved to the extent it perhaps should be at to provide quality players for the county. Getting hurlers used to be a numbers game, just getting players to turn up was an issue. I think we now have the numbers but need to develop the quality players. I think some of the bigger teams/clubs need to start thinking about entering combined teams into championship as an experiment to allow "quality" players to develop together. That includes the likes of my own club, Lamh Dhearg, St Johns and Rossa. I think it is at this level we need to start thinking about improvements.

galled (Antrim) - Posts: 251 - 23/05/2011 11:45:55    937530


I think that the standard of city hurling is definitely on the up,St.Johns,St Galls and Rossa could shortly be reliving old glories.The fact that they have players on the county team will encourage young players from these clubs and bring back the game in Belfast to what it once was.

bushwhacker (Antrim) - Posts: 261 - 23/05/2011 12:32:02    937597


the problem with the south down setup is that there are players that have the option of sitting on the bench for the down team or else being the star men on the south down team, obviously choosing the latter. it would also be the same with the 'belfast' team! though it is good in that it gives the more dominant players at lesser clubs a chance to play at a higher level.

Dhuibh (Down) - Posts: 281 - 23/05/2011 14:25:00    937782