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I am sure both counties will welcome Michael Wadding as the final referee. Last year I predicted accurately that Dermot Kirwan would give the important marginal decisions to Kilkenny. I forewarned Tipperary officials,supporters,and the G.A.A. hierarchy about his capabilities. I also in a constructive and mannerly way asked Dermot Kirwan to debate his performance after the final. Naturally I got no reply. However on the All Stars tour to Argentina he choose to give a press conference justifying two particularly inexplicable decisions which went against Tipperary. This season he has not reffed any big game. Who says supporters are never listened to.!!

Brinsley Swartz (Mayo) - Posts: 2225 - 18/08/2010 14:19:21    749369


Good ref & will let the game flow and be physical.

However, the Tipp backs won't get away with what they did to Mullane in the semi final with Wadding on duty.

Catinthehat (Kilkenny) - Posts: 6 - 19/08/2010 17:30:06    750781


cat in the hat.. yeve got off nice and lightly ova the years with decisions, eddie brennan and tommy walsh just spring to mind .. its the likes of u that starts to turn me against kk alot more these days... well see wat moaning u do when the liam mc carthy returns to " the home of hurling" on sept 6th ..

skippy..2009 (Tipperary) - Posts: 125 - 20/08/2010 17:23:01    751724


Some statement from you cat, sure the kilkenny boys never pushed on the edges before, ha thats funny

tipptothetop (Tipperary) - Posts: 531 - 21/08/2010 12:39:24    752072


good luck to him hope he'll let it flow and hope to god he'll take action against the kk backs if necessary jackie tyrell's dangerous frontal charge on callinan springs to mind lucky callinan didn't break a rib

moddy91 (Tipperary) - Posts: 226 - 22/08/2010 13:25:09    752712


Jackie gets away with frontal charges a lot. Happened twice in de semi but only got booked once

Loyal tipp fan (Tipperary) - Posts: 52 - 24/08/2010 12:25:23    754624