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Need For Increased Games Development Administrator Numbers?

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I am a blow-in to this county and can't believe the amount of clubs in the county - there is nearly a club at every cross road within the county. Take a 5 mile radius from the middle of Ardee and how many clubs are within the circle?
St Mary's , Hunterstown , Stabannon, John Mitchells, Sean McDermott's, Westerns, Glyde,, Syddan and Dromconrath in Meath. A way too many clubs in such a small area.
I had tried to get on to the level 2 coaching course after doing the level 1 course in Darver and was told its only for ex county players - other people I know had to go to Armagh to do it
Everybody is on about the new county grounds - in my opinion it would be great to have a nice small stadium but its not the end all and be all, Darver is a fantastic facility that most counties would be envious of, at least the development squads and county teams have somewhere to train and not having to go to clubs begging for their pitch to train on.

This is taken from someone else's post - hope they don't mind
The facts are.
1. Underage coaching in the clubs is a mess. - my own club is amalgamated with another and the basic skills between one and the other is like chalk and cheese

2. Coaching in Primary & Secondary schools is almost non-existent- couldn't agree more - only for one parent who badgered for someone from the county board there would have been no GDA in the school.

3. Louth's Og sports model is simply not working. Clubs have lost interest and many don't take part.- underage blitz's in Darver is like un-organised chaos on the night - last time I was there at u11 games it was almost 15 a side with people moving goals to make the pitches bigger - no input from anybody from the county board lack of personnel on the nights

it is high time that there is something done from the top down. Unless the coaching is done is the schools at an early age nothing will flourish in years to come.

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