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Kerry's path to Munster hurling championship?

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Motion 2 Passed!
Motion 2 passed with 94.1%

Motion 2
Proposed by Ard Chomhairle, it proposes that in the Leinster GAA Hurling Championship, if the team that emerges from the Provincial Qualifier group beats the seeded team - Kilkenny, Galway, Dublin, Offaly or Wexford - in the provincial quarter-final then they will automatically become a seeded team the following year, effectively swapping places with the team they have beaten.

There's no mention of Kerry and Munster yet but this involves Kerry and the Munster Championship as well.

If Kerry win the Christy Ring this year, they'll take on the team finishing 4th in the provincial qualifying group of Antrim, Carlow, Laois, London and Westmeath in a promotion/relegation play-off. In next year's qualifying group of 4, if Kerry make the top 2, they'll advance to the Munster Championship. Now the next part is most unlikely but if Kerry were to ever get to that stage of entering the Munster Championship via the provincial qualifier group and they were to succeed in defeating the seeded county, Kerry would take their place in the following year's Munster Championship!

It's unlikely to pan out that way however. History shows us that if the wrong county suffers relegation somewhere along the line in the hurling championship, a scramble will be on to move the goal posts and have them reinstated. Still interesting times ahead and it'll be interesting to see how all this unfolds and how much progression Kerry can make.

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A route to being able to compete has now been mapped out. This route can be broken into stages of progression rather than one big muddle.
Just take each stage as a championship in its own right and aim on winning each stage over the years!
But never lose sight of the fact that hurling begins as a small child and NOT as a teenager!


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Good work is being done at underage. Tralee Parnells has been a positive development over recent years.

At senior level, getting to and becoming established at qualifier group level will be great.

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