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Clubs need better scrutiny

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I believe that many will agree with me when I say that clubs need better scrutiny on how they are run.
The GAA has got much more professional in the way it has developed particularly by introducing coaching courses and other awareness programmes and encouraging development of club facilities that have enriched the sport. However, they are failed miserably on how they scrutinise clubs'finances and value for money projects. Too many clubs are developing willy-nilly without a realistic strategic plan ending up with projects too elaborate for purpose and unfinished and it many cases putting the club in unnecessary substantial debt. This also applies to the hiring of outside team managers an rates that clubs made struggle to meet and are not getting value or false value for money.
I believe that the GAA authorities from the top down should vet and approve of club projects and make sure they are really needed, are value for money and that they are affordable without putting clubs into substantial debt. There is no need clubs to have their own gyms, multiple fields and spectator stands that shelter a small number for a limited number of days in the season. The Gaelic game is an amateur sport and not a professional one so there is no need for expensive managers and state of the art facilities in every backwater in the county. Some communities are simply fed-up with clubs on their doorsteps constantly torturing people for money particularly in these times of austerity.
I believe it's time that the Fermanagh County Board to take control of how clubs are operating and put in place a control mechanism to halt that unrealistic ambitions of some clubs!

TurnipHead. (Fermanagh) - Posts: 217 - 17/02/2015 11:43:56    1694297


TurnipHead I agree with some of the points you make surrounding the pressures put on some communities by clubs going round with the begging bowl. Typically it is the same people being hit fro a few pound every time.

Your suggestion that the Fermanagh County Board in some way monitor the financial actions of clubs is ludicrous though. The Fermanagh County Board struggles to monitor and manage its own finances successfully. Hopefully the reformed Club Eirne can do something about improving income for development and funding of our games locally but whilst this initiative lay dormant, the county board struggled to pay bills and meet the financial demands that come with running such an organisation!

local (Fermanagh) - Posts: 154 - 17/02/2015 16:56:17    1694460


local I agree with you on not handing over responsibility to the county board for monitoring club developments considering their record on the financial front. Just look at the white elephant up at Lissan and that says enough on that front. The problem with this turnip mam is more like sour grapes on his part in respect of appointing team managers which are rightly given the jobs based on merit and not because they belong to the club in question. Our club is proud of the developments we have carried out and those in progress and planned. Yes we plan a gym, have a training field now and a very modern spectator stand is also our goal. We don't need the co board to help us to see these through and have managed very well to date. Maybe this turnip man should get on his bike or should I say a tandem as he will probably need assistance to petal and join the rest of the club on our summer 100 mile cycle challenge. He'll find it different that a simple granny walk!!!

AuldGussie (Fermanagh) - Posts: 76 - 17/02/2015 19:22:00    1694515