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I left Croke Park last night very annoyed more than disappointed. I know there were alot of mistakes and wides on our side but I have to wonder what type of game plan Fermanagh actually tried to play. In the 1st half we attacked with more intent than we did in the 2nd. This feature of our game if the pop hand pass to another player coming through is ok when you are moving forward but not when you are going left and right. We were caught on numerius occasions in possession. Because of this we lacked the 1st time ball into our forwards. I have to question also the use of, or lack of, the extra man. Our full back line was completely exposed and Clarke punished us for this. Management have to hold them responsible for this as such a situation should have been dealt with not only last night but in any game. Another thing I have noticed is that the man in the best position doesn't get the ball. I feel Ryan Jones is the main instigator in this. He tries to hard to go through tackles and trying to take his own score that the attack is stunted. Thought Ruiri Corrigan was doing very well before going off injured. He Flatherty got on the ball alot and kept possession and tried to create chances. Tracey in goals had an excellent game and Mulrone, Clucker and Breen when introduced all did well. Management need to rethink their game plan or we will not compete with the bigger teams.

Maxi_Twist (Fermanagh) - Posts: 100 - 26/04/2015 15:48:01    1717569


Maxi_Twist or better known as Gussy (don't argue as I know), it's easy to blame the players and the management when things go wrong in one high level and high pressured game which is very challenging for any team in a final in Croker. I differ from in differ in your opinion of the backs who I believe did a good job given the talent Armagh had out last night. The main weakness was in the forward line where missed opportunities could have turned to victory for Fermanagh. I agree with both of the macca poster's versions in that our midfielders contributed somewhat to Fermanagh problems. However, Gussy to say that there wasn't a game plan blows your analysis apart and for someone who should know better this makes your opinions laughable to say the lease. Pete McGrath has done as good a job as he can given the youngish team he has been dealt. End of story.

TurnipHead. (Fermanagh) - Posts: 217 - 26/04/2015 18:05:46    1717642


It was a real stinker yesterday, and as said before after a bright start and armagh going a man down we should have reali kicked on, the management made some strange calls, and their loyality to certain players is a problem

1. tracey - great performance couple of good saves, one man whos probably nailed down a championship spot.

2.Mickey j down get me wrong he's a great defender but he doesnt have many other attributes that stick out in my own opinion, so whislt he did nothing wrong yesterday many of you will have forgotten he was even on the pitch. and he was moved to wing half back in the 2nd half?? poor tactical decision.

3. Daly - think it was obvious to everyone he had to come of was hving a nightmare.

4. Marty Obrien - he was left exposed on jamie clark a few times but still done fairly well, certainly not the reason fermanagh lost.

5. Declan Mc - Struggled with the physicality of armagh out wide but he put in a decent enough shift

6. Ryan Mc -thought he put in a good performance, took a few big hits.

7.Nial cas cant see how he is a starting 15 player in my own opinion

8. Rich ocal - He gave his all which is still not that eyecatching but in fairness he was showing for the ball and won a couple around the middle.

9 Ryan jones - One of fermanaghs better players, won a savage amount of ball in the middle, offered good support play in attack and defence

10. Paul mc - He gets about when were playing lower league teams but his overall quality is poor, he was taking off straight after his miss from 15yards yesterday, fermanagh have better options available to them here for me.

11. R corrigan -- He's got quality, linked up play well, unfortunate to pick up and injury lets hope he's fit for the antrim game

12. B mulrone - was not one of his best games, found it hard to impose himself on the game.

13. t Corrigan - seemed realy up for the game took some class points and hes bound to be wondering why his team mates refused to let quick ball in to him as he was wining it.

14. s quigley. scored some excellent frees in the first half, but 2nd half display was probably his worst performance in a while, he spent a fair bit of time playing out on the 45 and actually got himself into good positions but rather than take on the shots he was playing the ball out wide..not what you want from one of the best kickers on the field.

15 .Ciaran fla Was giving his chance to nail down a championship spot but i dont think he did enough.

Danile kile, hasnt played any real county football in near 2 years, and it showed! not his fault though, strange why the managment team after going a man up didnt decided to put on a player who was gunna get about the park like james mcmahon or aiden breen! After that fermanagh bench was lacking in quality!

abitawit (Fermanagh) - Posts: 274 - 26/04/2015 19:29:47    1717682


After last evening's effort I believe that there is more chance of macca reaching the moon on his tandem than Fermanagh have of attaining anything substantial either at Ulster or all Ireland level. Fermanagh were clearly exposed by an Armagh team that didn't raise their gear really until they were reduced to 14 men and then McGrath's plan fell apart. It was noticeable the impact fresh legs subbed by the orchid men made compared with Fermanagh.
I personally see no cause optimism either in the Ulster c'hips or through the back door unless we meet London. I see Fermanagh's visit to div2 short lived.

GalloonBaffoon (Fermanagh) - Posts: 106 - 26/04/2015 21:50:42    1717752