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New Players That Should Be Looked At In 2021

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Replying To ballyshannon:  "well said, wheather you like it or not .. your defensive six has to be able to defend first and foremost . The Mchughs etc.. are abilities in a defence structure , thats why Ryan should be moved to the half foward line and allowed to wonder picking up loose ball around the middle etc..

Bonnar fundamatentally doesnt get this and has to go ! Castlebar should have taught him the importance of strenght , it amazes me that Bonnar himself was strong corner foward and still plays team dominated with a lack of strenght ."
We were being lauded for our size and physical strength before Sunday.I don't think our bigger players were any better than the smaller ones.Were Ryan McHugh and Mogan any worse than Murphy and Langan.There was just a malfunction of the team overall.We just hadn't the brains to solve the puzzle Cavan presented We didn't make the pitch big,we all came forward into a heap making it easy for Cavan to defend.

gunman (Donegal) - Posts: 698 - 25/11/2020 13:35:46    2315206


Replying To Tir Conaill Abu:  "Obviously you are being funny here. Mark is long gone and where exactly would you play him? Jigger in my opinion never cut it at county level and although decent at club level just isn't near the quality of other forwards we have. Stephen Mc Brearty is a decent player but seems headless in games and from what I hear has difficulty in following game plans when played on his last stint with the county. He also has a low score to shot ratio and this is even to be seen at club level.
I do think Mulligan has something to offer but he obviously was disillusioned with game time and with the competition for places there he's having to fight for his spot. Somebody else mentioned Paddy Dolan. He's a good player but off the pitch he hasn't matured yet to give the required commitment needed at county level. If he can sort out that end then he's a possibility. Conor O' Donnell from Carn is almost certain to make an impact in the next few seasons."
Ya I mentioned Paddy Dolan. Got plenty of ability. Reading what you say he is probably very much like Michael Carroll whom others mentioned.

panamasam (Australia) - Posts: 2480 - 25/11/2020 14:26:46    2315237


I'm hearing good things about a young lad for St Michaels called Carlos o Reilly. Can anybody on here that have seen him play make any comment on him?

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Replying To RoryGall35:  "I'm hearing good things about a young lad for St Michaels called Carlos o Reilly. Can anybody on here that have seen him play make any comment on him?"
Yeah decent player seen him play both GAA and soccer. He a few years off senior yet.

panamasam (Australia) - Posts: 2480 - 26/11/2020 00:51:55    2315496


Replying To RoryGall35:  "I'm hearing good things about a young lad for St Michaels called Carlos o Reilly. Can anybody on here that have seen him play make any comment on him?"
He was a minor (under 17) last year so is a little young. He looked decent for that team. I've not seen him play club. You'd expect he'd play under 20s next year if we get back to some sense of normal.
Colin mcfadden from St Michaels was called out by a few commentators as having a good club championship and possibly a county option.

I often wonder if any of the naomh conaill fb line are options. They give very little away at the back thougn that might be as much system orientated. Mckelvey might to moulded into a corner back.
Ethan odonnell looked good in club last year though he does look a little on the light side to me.

Conor odonnell (carn) would have been on the under 20 team this year and got his senior debut at the end of the kerry match. You would imagine he'll start seeing more game time.
Shane odonnell (niall brother) will be under 20 next year and i know is well regarded. I'd imagine he would have been in the under 20 team this year though was injured early and focused on sigerson later. Aaron Deeney i think was around the panel at the start of last year. Hes a defender and with that in mind you would like to see a few more defenders, particularly marking defenders presenting themselves as options.

Ulsterchamps_32 (Donegal) - Posts: 350 - 26/11/2020 08:16:09    2315507


Rory O'Donnell Milford
Young O'Donnell Carn
Paddy Dolan Convoy

beidhmeanseo (Donegal) - Posts: 76 - 26/11/2020 12:58:32    2315594


what about Mulgrew st eunans,
Cunningham and McSharry for killybegs?

ballyshannon (Donegal) - Posts: 152 - 26/11/2020 13:53:46    2315614


Think some excellent players with potential there but it takes time for these to see game time with S and C the main issue! Evident in the past. Only player ever to make the step up quickly was Clifford. Maybe Mc Breatry when he came on the scene too.

TheRock2121 (Donegal) - Posts: 574 - 26/11/2020 21:36:26    2315766


I'm not keen on Micheal Carroll, he has the physicality and pace, but for me he lacks drive during matches.

Daire O'Baoill is another player who has the physicality and lethal pace going forward, but is a little bit shaky at the back, more of a wing-back or center half back.

Commodore (Donegal) - Posts: 531 - 22/12/2020 18:25:17    2325477