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There was loads of unsavoury incidents this year!. Dont know if its more or less than normal but it really seem to take off in a big way this year. Possibly down to extra media coverage and the £60million for casement agenda by that lot over there..... The county board really went for the jugular on a couple of incidents. The assualt on the Referees in Tyrone ladies and Sarsfields Belfast was heavily sadated with media coverage and every man jack had an opinion. Whilst the Tyrone person got a life ban from Ladies, Sarsfields got their pitch closed down. There were a number of clubs that got metted out the same punishment, St Galls, O'Donnells, Gort Na Mona & Aldergrove of the top of my head, pretty sure there was a few more. Id hate to be on the Antrim County board or CCC dealing with that madness!!!!!!

Rules_man (Armagh) - Posts: 152 - 07/10/2011 15:00:29    1048297