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Kids transfer rule

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Mambo that's just stirring the pot - any juvenile transfers now are closely scrutinised - especially if the home club doesn't agree to it in the first place. There have been occasions where transfers have gone through without the home club signing but not in a case as blatant as that where the 2 kids are still in N. Belfast.

(Unless this all happened before the ruling came in a few years back.

Iardheisceart (Antrim) - Posts: 71 - 21/09/2011 12:28:32    1039458


It will not be hard to check out ,there's not to many north Belfast clubs.

mambo (Antrim) - Posts: 111 - 21/09/2011 14:32:04    1039621


Still have not got an answer as to how pearses players are playing for rossa...........

mambo (Antrim) - Posts: 111 - 27/09/2011 12:05:55    1042773


Maybe Cushendall might get an answer.......

mambo (Antrim) - Posts: 111 - 27/09/2011 12:23:40    1042789


mambo your facts are seriously wrong, the true FACT is those 2 kids dont go to the same school FACT, and no p.e. teachers were involved at all FACT, might be better you checked your facts before posting. and just for your imformation both kids are loving playing gaelic games and love being taught the skills FACT.

POL (Antrim) - Posts: 144 - 28/09/2011 21:52:23    1043677