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Antrim Senior Hurling Panel 2011

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Regarding next yrs senior panel, heres hoping there are some changes and hopefully the best 15 start the games - how some of the players on the panel last yr were not starting is beyond me (eddie mccloskey for one). Much better than any of ur lower Div players - FACT

Honestly, not trying to be a wind up merchant, but some of the lower divison players that were starting for our county would not even get a place on Div 1 club teams.

The backbone of the team should be built on our Div one clubs, yep there are some great lower div players also and they should be included also.

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This was posted as a new thread but since the subject matter is the sam eit has been incorporated here.

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Antrim county Hurling Panel 2011

Any idea of the Senior Panel for 2011??

Is the majority of last years panel back again, and who are the new additions?

This is what I heard and are apparently all definitely on the panel:

Cushendall: Karl McKeegan, Neil McManus, Arron Graffin, Shane McNaughton, Paddy McNaughton Conor Carson. Ballycastle: Cormac Donnelly, Neal McAuley Mattie Donnelly David McLernon. Loughgiel: Johnny Campbell, Liam Watson, Chris O' Connell, Eddie McCloskey, Martin Scullion, Joey Scullion. Dunloy: Paddy Richmond, Paul Shiels St Galls: Kieran McGourty, Karl Stewart Lambh Dhearg: Michael Herron Dungiven: Ciaran Herron St Johns: Colm McFall, Barry McFall, Simon McCrory Rossa: Chris McGuinness Ahoghill: PJ O'Connell Glenarm: Darren Hamill

Any other names on the panel??

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from Dunloy i don't think Paddy Richmond has committed, definately didn't play last year and can't see him making a return this year, though a physical ball winning forward with his level of skill is required.

Kevin McKeague and Conor McKinley both on the squad, both played well for Dunloy last year

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I dont believe that the "backbone of the team should be built on our Div one clubs" alone, as a few of these Div One guys take holidays during the Championship. If they commit, it should be for the season. It's not a walk-in team, give me a guy who has pride anyday, even if he's from Div Two. The last 2 years we've had big summer games and starting players have walked due to holidays; maybe I'm blinkered but I dont see other county players doing this (well none that want to succeed).

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kevin mc keague has come on really well the past year. he hurled well against loughgiel in the league final and i was impressed with him. his ball watching has improved as well

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Just heard that this is the Antrim team to play Westmeath on Sunday:

Chrissy O' Connell (Loughgiel)

Arron Graffin (Cushendall)
Cormac Donnelly (Ballycastle)
Conor McKinley (Dunloy)

Kevin McKeague (Dunloy)
Michael Herron (Lambh Dhearg)
Neal McAuley (Ballycastle)

Shane McNaughton (Cushendall)
Karl Stewart (St Galls)

Michael Armstrong (Rossa)
Boris O'Connell (Ahoghill)
Thomas McCann (Creggan)

Darren Hamill (Glenarm)
Conor Carson (Cushendall)
Chris McGuinness (Rossa)

What u think of this team

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Very inexperienced - Westmeath aren't to be taken lightly as we have found out before. However these new lads have to get their change at some stage - better now rather than when league points are at stake.

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Forwards would be inexperienced at county level, can't see them making a big impression on Westmeath who are no pushovers.

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If this is the best team antrim have available for westmeath the future of antrim hurling is not looking good

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Michael Herron is a good shout at centre back.

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this tea has a very good defence it will be interesting to see how the new boys show iv heard alot about this chris mcguiness hope he does altough i thought he was a defender

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Boys, same old same this time last year we were having this exact discussion bout who should and shouldn't be on the panel, personally i think it should be the player who is on form who is at the top of his game at the present time and who had a good season last year, not the same old faces year in year out waiting on them to do something extraordinary which is never going to happen! And it shouldn't matter if your from Div 1 or Div 3 for too long we've been depending on these big guns in Div 1 to keep Antrim hurling afloat, and still we are no closer to winning anything at the top level! And i am not having a dig at Div 1 players here just think all players in Antrim deserve a chance, maybe scouts for each Div could be a route to go down!

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Good to see that the forwards seem to have played well against Westmeath,this would auger well for the future.Might be a good year ahead.

bushwhacker (Antrim) - Posts: 261 - 17/01/2011 11:47:58    847685


good result yesterday, reading the Irish news report on it and a few players have stood out in the game. nice start to the year, now we get another crack at Dublin.

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